Style Showdown! Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie — Who’s the Better Bride? (PHOTOS)

They’re the two leading ladies of Brad Pitt’s life: his soon-to-be bride Angelina Jolie and his ex-wife of five years Jennifer Aniston.

Since Pitt and Jolie’s April 13th engagement announcement, the tabloid media has again been salivating at the thought of a race to the altar between the two women, despite the fact that Aniston, 43, isn’t even engaged yet to her beau Justin Theroux, 40.

Aniston has even said in the past that the magazines have invented a feud between her and the longstanding couple in order to sell magazines!

But there’s not denying that these two make for beautiful brides, on screen at least. In our latest Style Showdown, we’re asking who’s portrays the better bride: Jen or Angelina? Cast your vote in the poll — and stand by your gal in the comments!

One of Jolie’s most unforgettable wedding moments was when she tied the knot to 48-year-old Pitt’s master assassin character John Smith in the film that ultimately brought them together, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The 36-year old actress has also danced the wedding waltz in flicks like Original Sin and The Good Shepherd.

Meanwhile, the queen of the romantic comedy, Aniston, has beamed in white in such movies as Just Go With it, Marley & Me and He’s Just Not That Into You.

The starlet even made her first bride appearance as Rachel Green in the pilot episode of Friends, where she entered the Central Perk coffee shop soaking wet in a wedding gown.

Click through the above gallery for a trip down memory lane, and don’t forget to vote in our poll!