Katy Perry Performs 'Part of Me' on 'American Idol' (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Katy's Kissing Connection
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Katy Perry took her Russell Brand revenge song "Part of Me" to the American Idol stage Thursday night.

Dressed in a sexy camouflage getup, the purple haired pop star, 27, belted out the lyrics to her hit song as a slew of military (and scantily) clad women danced around her.

The performance brought down the house with one Idol familiar face admitting that he's a huge fan.

Ryan Seacrest tweeted his love for Katy's music, of which the singer responded:

What did you think of Katy's performance on Idol? Check it out in the video below and peruse our gallery to see the singer's on stage style.



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  • rahrah

    generally like her but thought she sounded terrible in this.

  • Lisa Shone
    Lisa Shone

    love this crazy chick! don't hate on her because she has no style, lol.

  • aiz

    like that purple hair! COOLness!

  • melodycasaul

    Hope to see you someday Katy. Your so beautiful

  • Jeff

    Was the singer Robyn a backup dancer during this performance?