Lindsay Lohan Has Finally Met Her Match — Her ‘Glee’ Double (EXCLUSIVE)

Lindsay Lohan may have been late for her Glee cameo after partying it up in Hollywood the night before filming, but it didn’t prove too much of an issue for show producers — because they had a double waiting in the wings.

Celebuzz has learned Tara Beaulieu, 28, an Australian model and actress, became a lifesaver on Wednesday when Lohan was MIA and helped ensure production wasn’t held up.

The Mean Girls star showed up more than two hours late to the set and production staffers reportedly had to send a car to the Chateau Marmont hotel to pick her up the starlet and bring her to set.

So how did Tara snag the role as 25-year-old Lohan’s stand-in?

They both have a similar bust, apparently.

“They chose me because my measurements are the exact same and I had to fit into the same Prada dress,” Tara told Celebuzz, in an exclusive interview.

“I can’t say too much about the episode, it' great, but Glee fans will have to wait!"

Side-by-side, Tara does look similar to Lindsay.

So what are Lindsay’s measurements, then? That we don’t know, for certain. But according to Tara’s website, she’s a 24 inch waist, 34 inch hips and has a 35 inch bust and wears a 10C bra.

The hit Fox show was a big break for Tara, who has had cameos in such things as 90210 and the box office hit Think Like a Man, starring Chris Brown and Gabrielle Union. She also starred as a presenter on Naked News and in the TruTV series Killer Karaoke, hosted by JackassSteve O.

"It’s been a rather enjoyable few days on set," she told Celebuzz.

"Apparently I look similar to Lindsay, because it's not the first time I've been told I look like Lindsay. Previously, I've been followed by paparazzi who thought I was her.”



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  • Augusto

    woah, shes in herbie? i wacehtd that a million times today, she seemed so good in it. to think shes in jail and all this crappy stuff and possibly dead, she was soooo good in all her movies. what happened to her?

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  • AlaBella

    It's the Australian size. That would be a 32C in the US

  • SweetCaroline

    What the hell is a 10C bra?

  • Plain Jane
    Plain Jane

    That bitch looks nothing like lindsay! Lindsay is better!!

  • Kelly Cheryl
    Kelly Cheryl

    I guess everyone was sorry when Lohan finally showed up.

  • danielleakame

    um i would be insulted if someone called me a lindsay lohan look alike if i looked like that.! is she on the show or not. i would have just kicked her off and took the hot one

  • Janet Boyd Unroe
    Janet Boyd Unroe

    why do they want to ruin Glee by having Lindsay on it, aren't they giving kids the wrong impression. Glee is suppose to be against everything that everyone knows about this girl, please keep people like Lindsay off the show!

  • starwatcher

    Ummmm she is way hotter than Lindsay Cebe do you need your eyes checked or are you just Lindsay logging on under a fake name hahaha

  • Muma

    ummmm, I don't think so. Lindsay has destroyed what little beauty with drinking, drugs, nicotine, caffeine, and of course, partying all night, random sex and God knows what else. Really, take a good look at the picture at the top of this page. Ms Lohan looks old, haggard, and used up.

  • cebe

    This girl looks nothing like Lindsay, Lindsay is far prettier. Also this girl is a regular stand-in at Glee. She also stood in for Gwyenths Paltrow shots.

  • 

    She is prettier than the trash lohan