Kate Middleton Pregnant? Royal Expert Victoria Arbiter Clears Up Royal Family Rumors

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As the one year anniversary of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton draws near, Celebuzz is taking a page from our sister site SOCIALITE LIFE with an excerpt of their exclusive with royal expert Victoria Arbiter, who recently took part in ITV’s special, Kate And William: One Year On, airing May 1st in the UK (no word yet on a stateside air date).

Read on as Arbiter discusses those pesky pregnancy rumors, plus how Will and Kate may plan to spend the special day!

KL: Will there be anything special to mark Kate and William’s one year anniversary in London?
VA: No, I think knowing those two, it’s going to be one of those occasions where they’re not spotted anywhere. Very quiet, very low-key. They will be at three engagements leading up to April 29th, so I’m sure people will give them flowers and congratulate them. But I would imagine that they’ll just spend the actual day privately. I don’t know if William’s on duty yet; We haven’t been told whether or not he’s working that weekend. Hopefully he’s got that Sunday off, but I think they’ll probably just stay at home and take the dog for a walk and just enjoy the day privately, whereas last year they were sharing it with 2 billion people. This year it’ll be just the two and a half of them.

KL: Reports are stating that Kate doesn’t want to take away from Her Majesty’s Jubilee by announcing her pregnancy. Do you think that she and William take into consideration the Queen’s upcoming celebration?
Absolutely. That would have been their #1 concern. It’s sounds awfully clinical, but the royals plan.  They [Will and Kate] were together a long time [prior to getting married], which is why I think everyone was expecting them to get started on a family pretty quickly.

Both William and Charles were born within a year of their parents marriage, plus Will and Kate have been together a long time, and age becomes a factor. She’s only 30, but if you want a big family, then you have to start figuring, “Ok, well if I’m going to have a year or two years in between…”.  I think there was definitely a sense that they wanted to have a year or two years just as a married couple first, but the absolute concrete decision would have based on the fact that it is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this year.  She is the focus, she is the center of everyone’s attention, and they are well aware.  The hoopla surrounding a pregnancy announcement would have completely overshadowed that.

KL: I remember you telling me that only when Clarence House declares that Kate is pregnant is when it’s official. No one else.
Exactly, exactly. And again, I think what happens is that people get so caught up in saying it because at some point, they’re going to be right and then it’s going to look like theygot the scoop.  I want to say to them,  ”No.  That was just good timing! You didn’t get the scoop.”

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