Who's Hotter: Ryan Gosling vs. Ryan Reynolds? (PHOTOS/POLL)

Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds have a lot more in common than just their names. The Canadian bred men love their dogs, their girlfriends, their motorcycles, their workouts and they both look amazing in and out of suits.

While Gosling, 31, caused quite a fanfare in 2011 thanks to his "photoshopped" abs in Crazy, Stupid Love., Reynolds, 35, was voted People's Sexiest Man Alive in 2010, a title RyGos has yet to earn.

No doubt both of these men lead the pack of hotness in Hollywood, but which Ryan is your type: Gosling or Reynolds?

Cast your vote in the poll and stand by your man in the comments.

Gosling has admitted that some fans have been disappointed to meet him instead of Reynolds, though we doubt this story. He told CNN this past year, "I do get a lot of disappointed, 'You're not Ryan Reynolds’ [reactions]. It's funny because then they get close enough and they realize I'm not Ryan Reynolds and then they walk away with their heads down."

He added jokingly that the ladies will say, “'I thought you were more muscular,’” and, “'Is this for a role? Have you made yourself unattractive for a role?’ Just the role of my life."

Wonder if Reynolds ever gets mistaken for Gosling?!



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  • Snow

    Gosling in face Reynolds in body (even though both are beautiful) love both and both share my sign (Scorpio) ultra sexy points

  • kate mccormick
    kate mccormick

    gosling!!!!!!!100% omg ryan reynolds used to be my fave, not until i saw crazy stupid love. it changed. a lot. i love you ryan gosling!!!!

  • Kiran Gupta
    Kiran Gupta

    Is this really a question? Ryan G. http://thisisryangosling.tumblr.com/ for evidence

  • Farah Faiz
    Farah Faiz

    ryan reynolds <3

  • Sunny


  • mileyismylife

    Ryan Gosling. enough said.

  • Micah 李 文 Jung
    Micah 李 文 Jung

    its the duckman through and through Ryan Thomas Gosling

  • hintonlewis90

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