Kanye West (Nearly) Loses Pants During Dinner Date with Kim Kardashian (PHOTOS)

Kim & Kanye: PDA Alert!
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West cozy up in NYC. Read More »

Yikes! Kanye West almost committed a dating faux pas when his low-riding pants drooped a little bit too low during his dinner with Kim Kardashian.

The rumored couple were spotted hitting the town as they grabbed a meal at a Manhattan eatery on Friday night. While Kim was dressed to impress in a white blazer and skinny jeans, the 34-year-old rapper nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction when his pants fell down as he got out of his car.

Did he ruin the evening for his ladylove?

Not at all! Being a good sport, Kim, 31, laughed off the incident before making her way inside the restaurant.

It looks like thing between these two are starting to get serious! Earlier this week, Kim brought Kanye along to Scott Disick's restaurant opening to meet her folks.

The night after the fam jam, the pair stepped out in matching outfits for a romantic dinner date. Don't worry, Kanye had his pants on that evening!



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  • Zawadi frisch
    Zawadi frisch

    Hi Kim I'm very fan fan of you ur so lovely and matured to compare with all kadashans clan and I was so sad for what's happened to ur marriage and now I'm so happy to hear you have got kanye good for you gal

  • Kardashianlover321

    Oh they are just a perfect couple and they are just perfect together when they are both smiling....

  • LoveKimK

    act i didnt like kim with kanye.. kanye so ugly.

  • newyork1234

    lol. this is sooooooooooooooo funny!!! looks photoshopped or preplanned.


    DID SHE JUST BLOW HIM???? S I C K!!!!!!

  • Mayra Galarza
    Mayra Galarza

    Such a beautiful woman and her taste for men is the worst!!!! I can't understand that, every guy she has dated has been trashy hehehehehe unbelievable!!!

  • onthefenceboutkimye

    didn't Beyonce wear them shoes weeks ago to a game with Jay Z someone trying hard

  • Eric

    Is he even wearing underwear? I mean, I don't see an issue at all with going commando, but he doesn't seem like someone who does go commando. Or maybe he is wearing a banana hammock? I don't know. The whole thing is just weird...

  • kjwelkrwe

    hahahahahahhahaahahahha hhahahahahah he wears bananahammocks!!!!

  • zazzz

    i feel sorry for you then..

  • marty

    I luv Kanye!

  • Kassy

    They don't even fit her lol. & Yeah agree, i don't like them either.

  • Annya Nathaniel
    Annya Nathaniel

    SUCH A SHAME !!!!!!!!!

  • zazzz

    he looks like he is showing his leg on purpose, just check out his seedy smile. yuckk

  • zazzz

    Hey Ashley :D

  • zazzz

    see what i mean, their whole 'romance' is all fake, and this whole thing is completely staged. she and Kanye are pathetic and will do ANYTHING for a shot at being in the spotlight.

  • ashley

    he prolly just got a quick blow job

  • ashley

    I meant to add his attitude... he's a major jackazz

  • ashley

    kayne is so ugly, not only his looks but his face too, big ole fat & wide nose. this trick knows shes never eva gonna move to the east coast, pimp mom wont have it!

  • maryamcullen

    I don't like her shoes..

  • tamara

    Yah right anything for publicity!! This is so staged. Wow she really does do anything for publicity even when its bad. No such thing as bad publicity eh Kimmie.

  • Tress Brown
    Tress Brown

    Looks like they were having some fun in the car.

  • maryamcullen

    What the hell!!

  • anonymous

    maybe she was giving him one in the car

  • Huhwhatomg

    i see a leg and i see skin? What?