Body After Baby: Candice Crawford's Slim Secrets Two Weeks After Giving Birth! (PHOTOS)

hot momma!

Only two weeks after giving birth to son Hawins, Candice Crawford was by hubby Tony Romo's side looking almost impossibly unaffected by that whole pregnancy thing.

The 25-year-old beauty held it down at Saturday's White House Correspondents Association Dinner in Washington, D.C. in a white sequins gown. Her hubby, 31, sported a black suit and tie -- but his best accessory was his arm candy!

Read on to find out Candice's secret to success:

"Candice is at the gym, eating healthy within parameters of what she can. She is also breastfeeding," a source tells Us.

The dinner was the first outing for the new parents, who took the weekend away from their newborn to hang with friends that included Candice's brother Chace, Matthew Morrison, Dustin Lance Black, Colton Haynes and others.

However, the TV personality and former beauty queen was all too eager to get back to her baby boy.

"The baby was with Chace's parents," the source added. "Candice would get emotional and was ready to go back at times. They took an earlier flight back to get back to the baby."

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  • Bee

    It's nice to know that although she is very skinny, she gained weight to keep her baby healthy!

  • donna107

    beautiful face great body

  • Berni

    She is the real mom, you can have your eggs and your husbands sperm in the woman that carried. This is called a gestational surrogate. She just did not carry because she has problems with that. Thanks

  • Berni

    Jennifer gives the real deal on pregnancy and how women in the real world live, thanks Jen!

  • Berni

    normal, thanks!

  • hcn

    Why do people keep saying stuff like this!? That Beyonce isn't the real mother?? I don't understand.

  • castaneda

    That was really fast! She's so thin.

  • joseph diaz
    joseph diaz

    she is beautiful and she have a great body and face

  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen

    She's scarily skinny in that pic on the right

  • Yahya

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  • DEE

    Why ? She isn't the real mother......I know for a fact that people are beginning to whispering....

  • Sandra

    Kim Reiss - Thank you so much for everything!! You guys were so much fun to play with and your picuerts are absolutely beautiful. Exactly what I was looking for! Can't wait to see the rest.

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