Can Kevin Jonas’ Marriage Survive Reality Show Curse? Expert Weighs In (EXCLUSIVE)

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With couples like Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline all divorcing after having reality shows together, curse speculation is already brewing around Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle, as they embark on their upcoming E! reality series, Married to Jonas.

The couple, who wed in 2009, are slated to star in the show, which focuses on the ups and downs of being married to a pop superstar, but could this exposure be the end of the young couple’s marriage?

Celebuzz caught up with Patrick Wanis, PhD Human Behavior & Relationship Expert & Celebrity Life Coach, who believes Jonas and his wife will have trouble surviving in a world that rewards conflict and fighting.

“Although Kevin has gained popularity and fame through his music, there is a huge difference between performing on stage or going on tour — and filming a reality show with cameras around 24 hours a day. They aren’t documenting real life, but instead catching drama that will please the audience,” Wanis said.

Although the couple may to be in love, they will be put to the test like couples before them with the show intensifying the best and worst of each person.

“If the couple got along beautifully and just held hands, kissed and sat around watching movies, there would be no show. The only reason there’s a show is because someone expects that there is going to be drama, conflict, insecurities and skeletons brought out of the closet,” Wanis added.

As seen from Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ 72 day marriage, most of the failed reality show couples barely knew each other before exposing their relationship to the world. With little time together to solidify their romance, a marriage can quickly be put on the rocks when the couple are expected to act a certain way for ratings.

“All the potential tests and tribulations one would go through over decades, gets condensed into a very short space of time when you’re filming. It speeds up and intensifies life experiences and creates extraordinary amounts of stress,” Wanis said, adding that infidelity rates are heightened.

Although Jonas has deep Christian roots — and even reportedly waited to have sex until marriage — Wanis says reality TV can “erode a person’s values” and eventually lead either party to stray. Only time will tell if Kevin and Danielle will make it to the season finale before problems occur.

“This show will be the ultimate test of their marriage. If they survive, it’ll make them stronger,” he said.

And if they break up? “They’ll get to know a lot more about themselves and gain much greater self awareness. They’ll be able to figure out what they both really want in life and future relationships.”

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