John Mayer Penned ‘Shadow Days’ For Jennifer Aniston, See More Celebs Who Sing About Exes (PHOTOS)

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Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have been broken up for a few years now, but it appears as though it's taken a while for the heartbreak wounds to heal.

US Weekly is reporting that John, 34, wrote "Shadow Days," his latest single, about the 43-year-old Friends star, and his now ex-girlfriend. With lyrics such as, "You find yourself alone...I found myself in pieces/On my hotel floor/Hard times help me see/I'm a good man with a good heart/Had a tough time, got a rough start/And I finally learned to let it go," the magazine's source says, "It really took him a long time to get over her. He really loved her a lot."

The "Your Body is a Wonderland" singer wouldn't be the only star to pen a tune dedicated to an ex.

From the fairly obvious ones, such as Katy Perry's latest single "Part of Me," (about ex-husband Russell Brand), to more ambigious tunes such as Selena Gomez's "Bang Bang Bang" (which many think is about her ex Nick Jonas) relive these celeb break-ups in song form by clicking through the gallery!

would hear it. Ultimately he's done a lot of self reflection though and it he realizes they weren't right for each other."

The couple started dating in early 2008, with their on again off again relationship ending in late 2009. Since May 2011, Jen has been dating her Wanderlust co-star Justin Theroux.

Do you think John wrote this song for Jen? Take a listen to "Shadow Days" below, then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Celebuzz also spoke with relationship expert Siggy Flicker about this situation, and she said:

"Jennifer Aniston was the only woman who John Mayer loved! He was so used to not getting deep with any other girlfriend that it didn't matter to him when the relationship came apart and the proof is how he spoke publicly about Jessica and others.

Now Jennifer won his heart. He was madly in love with her. She was the one and she broke it off! Jennifer Aniston is a very private woman. She does not like to have her love life discussed or any other matters in her personal life. If anyone in her close circle dishes out any juice, she crosses them off her list. John Mayer opened up his big mouth one too many times and she told him -- BYE BYE!

'It really took him a long time to get over her. He really loved her a lot.' She loved him right back but not enough to put up with his immaturity! He did not expect to feel such pain but with every dark tunnel there is always a light at the end. John Mayer's new song Shadow Days from the album Born and Raised is brilliant. He is an amazing talent and in this song you see a new side of John Mayer - A humble man and not an immature boy!

"You find yourself alone. . . I found myself in pieces/ On my hotel floor/Hard times help me see/I'm a good man with a good heart/Had a tough time, got a rough start/And I finally learned to let it go." - some of the lyrics to the song and this was intended to let Jen know that he is truly sorry for any grief he had caused her. Now Jen has moved on to a man who is not about to open up his mouth and make a fool of himself so not to worry - JENN AND Justin Theroux have nothing to worry about. Their relationship is strong and their foundation is a solid one."



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  • maryamcullen

    You should be humiliated for the bad deeds you have done..

  • miss.rouso

    considering you've prided yourself on spreading unnecessary information about your exes.. seems like it was well deserved. sh*t happens.. maybe you should cry about it some more john. glad someone finally called him out -- guess it's not so good getting a taste of your own medicine.

  • Lucy

    Awkward that it's actually written about Travie MCoy

  • Adam Sadler
    Adam Sadler

    I love "Shadow Days", such a great song!! I'm definitely getting "Born and Raised" on 5.22

  • kevincorcoranjr

    He's a true inspiration. Amazing guitarist, great singer, and phenomenal songwriter... it's what all of us "singer/songwriters" hope to be even remotely comparable. Great video... love the story that's being told.

  • Martine

    he is awful...

  • Emma

    Just saw his "official" video for "Shadow Days" and LOVE it!!

  • monroe7

    Her lyrics are a rip off of a Julia Roberts movie! I heard he dumped her b/c she was always acting and putting on a show, never could be her self always posing. She is always posing, as a singer!!!

  • monroe7

    He is much better without her! Shes made a fortune off of broken hearted songs about all of her exes. Its only fair. I mean seriously, how many guys are there? I read a blog she has 14 ex boyfriends she penned songs about. Ridiculous! Go Jonas bro!!

  • Sara

    If Jen Aniston WAS the inspiration, then I think I owe her a thank you. After all, "Shadow Days" is amaaaazing and I bet "Born and Raised" as a whole will be, too. Can't wait to grab it May 22!

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  • Amanda

    “Shadow Days” is the best John Mayer song I’ve heard in a while. Can’t wait to hear the rest of Born and Raised on the 22nd. Check out the video:

  • merinda

    It's not about Russell since it is a re-release and written in 2010. Try again.

  • need advice
    need advice

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  • honeybunn

    blondie you are an hateful, jealous ass H----. John mayer was very much in love with Jennifer and she was with him. He was very imature at the time.I love his new song it is great and I plan to buy the album. I did not like john in the past but he has gained a lot of respect from me now. I know now that he is not ashame to admit to the truth and he is taking full responsibility for the break up between him and jennifer.I just hope they will remain friends.I know now he realizes that she is a wonderful person and you can't help but love her.I read back then that Jennifer said john mayer was the love of her life not Brad Pitt.He was the one that got away. I believe that although she is in a relationship with Justin Theroux she will always have a place in her heart for John.

  • blondie

    Did anyone dare to ask Jen and Justin if they were taking their Mothers out to dinner and a movie for Mother's Day??? What about Heidi? Will she be with her own mom or with Justin's mom, catching up on things??? Oh. That's right. Jen and Justin just had a brand new puppy, and they both might feel funny, leaving the poor little poochie to fend for herself. Poor little Sophie. She might eat up all of Jen's little flip flops.

  • blondie

    Is it true that Jen lives on one side of her house and Justin lives on the complette OTHER side of "their" house? Is that like Nee Nee living upstairs and her husband living downstairs, on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta?" Stedman and Oprah? Getting married, now that Gail's little self- obsorbed ship has sailed.....hmmmmm. Jen finally giving David Arquette and Courteny Cox a chance to draw breath without Jen's hairy little face popping out of the woodwork!!! Finally.

  • blondie

    IMO, John is sorry that he sort of said that his girlfriends would only be vanilla and not chocolate, and think that he would not offend people that knew that his is not a racist. I think that he only wanted people to know that he preferred women that were familiar, and that as of that date, he had not sleeped with brown beauties, yet, and might not ever. And Jen was not involved in his thoughts per this song, imo.

  • Jude

    Aw my gawd as if he hasn't had a few girlfriends since the the women he ran from claiming he was too young to be sitting in the kitchen petting dogs with an older women who was wishing it was 1998. Magazine sources, my eye!