LeAnn Rimes Bikinis In Cabo, Adding to Her Best Bikini Looks! (PHOTOS)

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LeAnn Rimes slipped into her LBB (little black bikini) for yet another romantic getaway with her (shirtless and sexy) husband Eddie Cibrian, 38.

Hitting the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico over the weekend, the couple couldn't look happier as they celebrated their one year anniversary. It doesn't look like the honeymoon is over for these two! The country crooner, 29, dressed up her black bikini with a fancy bandana, dangling earrings and gold bangles.

The two went down to Cabo to renew their vows in an "intimate and emotional" ceremony. While in Mexico, a happy LeAnn tweeted:

She added: "Renewed our vows today....it's incredible to thank each other for the past year as husband and wife. Here's to another great year!"

Congrats to the happy couple!

For more bikini-clad pics of LeAnn, click through our gallery.



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  • ecobbfamilyman

    Back for more ... gotta love conference calls. ;-)

  • ecobbfamilyman

    OY! Dangerously delicious

  • ecobbfamilyman

    Thank God my office has a door with a lock! What an ass!

  • yoyogirl

    I might believe these two were more in love if they weren't so happy to share their 'special' celebration moments with the paparazzi they always hire to join them on their trips!!! I'd want time alone with my hubby, they're content to spend it with some guy and a camera partaking in stupid photo-ops!!

  • Claire

    If you're going to stage a photo-op and pretend its not, at least try and make it look vaguely real, this is so obviously fake - just like her ugly underarm boobs!! And I love how William and Kate are celebrating their anniversary with an intimate, private dinner and these two have a 2 week celebration - who do you think will last?! True love speaks for itself, faux love needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

  • Jeff Zakany
    Jeff Zakany

    I could tell it was staged, too.

  • moomarse

    she needs to stay away from the string bra.... her bewbs are on the sides and would look a lot better in a more form fitting bra. Also, no hips... yuck! Try a high cut panty... it fakes hips that don't exist. unfortunately, nothing can be done for her squinty eyes.... except stay out of the sun........

  • gross

    Of course she is wearing a black bikini, don't you have photos of Eddie's ex- wife in a black bikini?With all the backlash they got for staging all those photos in Hawaii, you would think that these two would lay low. What are they trying to prove? She looks bad in these photos, like a boy in a bikini. Why is she wearing a face full of makeup and looks like she has gotten her hair done? That's right. Because this is a staged photo-op. That's two staged photo-ops in just one day. So she is going to set up a staged photo-op everyday of the week?

  • spiniton85

    she looks like she's put on a couple of pounds. She looks MUCH better!

  • Gevorg Margaryan
    Gevorg Margaryan

    walking on a beach....nice to see you Lean...