Readers React: Who Do You Believe – Beyonce Or the Rumors?

Blue Ivy's Baby Pics
Beyonce and Jay-Z debut photos of their daughter!
After Beyonce Knowles denied rumors surrounding the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy by saying they were “just crazy,” Celebuzz readers proved a good conspiracy — no matter how crazy it may seem — is hard to dismiss.

Our readers took both sides of the issue on our Facebook page. Some sided with Bey, saying they believe her. Others weren’t quite so sure. A few were determined that the 30-year-old superstar straight up propagated a fake pregnancy!

Here’s a sampling of what they had to say:  

Erika L Petrie Wallace I never seen a belly uncovered so I’m not to sure I believe her but I hope it’s the truth and what does it matter if she had a surrogate!

Alisha Hippiechick A …why would she take time and enery to put on a fake belly? Why does she have to lie about whether she had a baby or not? Who came up with this stupid rumor? And last but not least if you look at beyonce baby pic ivy blue looks like her twin…seriously people need to get a life.

Melanie Ruiz I don’t believe she had the baby either. The baby is healthy, that’s all that matters.

Jen Spalding Not every pregnant woman feels the need to go on the cover of a magazine nude… doesn’t matter either way, but considering sheep had a miscarriage before, she wasnt off telling everyone she was prego the day she found out.

Lacey Lyon I think people care because if she didn’t have the baby, it would be a huge lie perpetrated on the public. People don’t like being lied to. I am unsure why anyone would feel the need to cover up a surrogate anyway, maybe so the child would think it was born of Beyonce? Idk. Maybe one day there will be a clear answer.

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