‘Glee’ Guys & Gals Couple Up for Senior Prom (PHOTOS)

Linds on 'Glee'
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The Glee kids are growing up so fast! In some newly released pics from the hit FOX show, the New Direction singing sensations slipped into their party best for their senior prom.

Labeled the “Prom-asaurus” by Heather Morris’ character Brittany Pierce (via TVLine), the May 8th episode’s costumes are sure to inspire those gearing up for their own school dances.

From tiny top hats to bright pastel colors, the girls and guys of Glee are certainly making some style statements at this William McKinley dance.

Seeing as most of the singing club is graduating, Rachel Berry (ahem, Lea Michele) tweeted a photo from the first season, writing:

What are your prom plans, or for those who’ve graduated, what did you wear to your senior prom? Let us know, below, and check out Glee tonight on Fox, 8/7c.

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