Khloe Kardashian: The Kardashians Meet 'The Kardashians' (PHOTOS)

Khloe Kardashian and her fam attended E!'s Upfront in NYC on Monday evening, and shared some photos on her blog.

Hi dolls! Last night at the E! Upfront Kim, Kourt, my mom and I finally came face to face with our SNL impersonators. It was too funny!!!

We were introduced to them onstage in front of the entire event — I’ll be posting video of the introduction shortly. For now, here are some photos of all of us backstage. It was so fun to finally meet these talented comediennes!

Khloe discusses the future of her reality show, Khloe & Lamar, with hubby Lamar Odom:



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  • hope

    damn calm down lady... shes not a wannabe she plays her on SNL sketches

  • Brittany Wiegman
    Brittany Wiegman

    No. My Friend Christie Silva looks VERY SIMILAR to you!!!! U should look at her fb page...

  • Sharon Bigham
    Sharon Bigham

    Not really but maybe alittle in your smiles

  • Sharon Bigham
    Sharon Bigham

    The noses maybe, both of you are pretty but your my fav!

  • Dani-Marie Laino
    Dani-Marie Laino

    NO NO NO go away wanna be your messing up the pic! UGHHHH so not cute! Kim is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • Dani-Marie Laino
    Dani-Marie Laino

    those girls WISH they looked like the K-Dash sisters!!

  • Dani-Marie Laino
    Dani-Marie Laino

    really?!?!?!? ummmmm def not.... wanna be you dont look anything alike! Kourt is GORG

  • Dani-Marie Laino
    Dani-Marie Laino

    no not at all she has a weird face and features... you my dear are one of kind and truly beautiful in the inside and outside!!!

  • Heather M. Tyler
    Heather M. Tyler

    Eww NO! Kourt is seriously so much priettier!

  • Heather M. Tyler
    Heather M. Tyler

    No......chubby in the body and very skinny face!

  • Amy Bu
    Amy Bu

    She certainly has nice features but you are gorgeous, Khlo!

  • Chanel

    no waaaaaaaaaaaay, Khloe is gorgeous! the wanna-be, not so much :P

  • niece1964

    No! Her forhead is bigger than yours and her face is heart shape yours is oval, her chin is pointed and yours is not! No way not close!

  • niece1964

    NO! You do not look alike!

  • Della Juarez
    Della Juarez

    i dont think so at all Khloe your one of a kind,,love ya

  • Allie Boykin
    Allie Boykin

    one of the managers at my store (Victoria's Secret) looks EXACTLY like Khloe except with lighter colored eyeshadow

  • Amy Mills
    Amy Mills

    You can tell you guys are related, I feel for Kourtney, I am a shorty too. Dont feel bad Kourtney we aren't short we are FUN SIZED!

  • Chris

    You two look very similar except for the eye shape.

  • Amy Mills
    Amy Mills

    These 2 look more alike than the ones Kourtney and Khole are with

  • Amy Mills
    Amy Mills

    Your smiles, but that pretty much all I see

  • Paulina Bach
    Paulina Bach

    not at all! you are much prettier. I look more like you than she does (not to be conceded, or anything).

  • Mz Strudel
    Mz Strudel

    Yes, same nose, smile n squinty eyes and she not a short like Kim & Kourt.

  • Nikki

    Definitely not..but that's not a bad both are gorgeous in your own ways!!

  • Chloe Rose
    Chloe Rose

    Nope! You have a different shaped face, bigger eyes, nicer eyebrows and thicker hair

  • Kay

    No Khloe I most definitely don't believe you look alike. Your so much cuter with a better shape. The only thing she really as that would make her a Khloe is the hair. P.S none of them the others even look like your sisters

  • Angie

    yes she looks like you alot the others sister don't look nothing like you I'm sorry but its true

  • Maisie

    You'r smile is as beautiful as each-other and you'r hair also you are fairly similar but both still very very very much gorgeous xx:)

  • Kandy

    sorry but none of these gals look like yall... yall way too cute to have look-a-likes :D just sayiin!!! <3 y'all

  • Anna Acosta
    Anna Acosta

    NO!!! ur one of a kind.

  • Hannah Jansch
    Hannah Jansch

    nope, i really dont think that she looks like you. you are 100 times prettier!

  • Gemma Irwin
    Gemma Irwin

    Def No!!!

  • Allison Andrews
    Allison Andrews

    Little bit. More then the rest of your sisters. You both look drop dead gorgeous.