Miley Cyrus Being Considered For 'X Factor' Judge Job (EXCLUSIVE)

Miley Cyrus shows off her toned legs in tight spandex shorts while out taking her dog Floyd for a walk around her neighborhood

Miley Cyrus is being eyed as a potential fourth judge on Fox’s X Factor, Celebuzz has exclusively learned.

The 'Party in the USA' pop star is on Simon Cowell's top-secret shortlist that also includes Fergie, Avril Lavigne and Demi Lovato, an insider confirmed.

“There have been talks with Miley,” the source revealed.

Whilst Britney Spears has not yet inked her deal, it's believed to be inevitable that she will join Cowell and fellow judge L.A. Reid, the chairman of Epic Records, in a deal worth up to $15 million, the source added.

“Britney’s deal is not done, it’s close, but we are not that far ahead to be making a formal announcement,” a source told Celebuzz.

Last week, in a move believed to be tied to Spears’ new X Factor gig, a Los Angeles judge made the ‘Toxic’ singer’s fiancé, Jason Trawick, a co-conservator, allowing him to sign off on decisions related to her career.

19-year-old Cyrus’ link to the vacant role comes as Cowell seeks to replace Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul, who he fired after last season.

An X Factor spokesperson refused to confirm talks with any of the stars when contacted.

Do you think Miley would be a good judge? Let us know in the comments, below.

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  • millslula39

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  • Paratha

  • dumas1000

    The deals are done, according to E! They have not been officially signed, but its only a formality, if you believe the report. Britney Spears and Demi Lovato. I suppose I could understand that Demi has a lot of talent, but in order to break out of her Disney past, she needs to increase her mainstream exposure. I think there are a reasonable amount of people who have actually never heard of Demi Lovato. They have no idea who she is and couldn't pick her from out of a lineup. Disney keeps a lot of their budding stars very sheltered and consequently, mainstream adult audiences barely even know that these people exist.

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    scrap what i said earlier, i don't think either of them should do it.both demi and miley need to focus on their careers.

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    "mentoring" is the key word,she did not pick the songs they were singing and was not judging them just helping

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    most people don't even know jessie j wrote that song.funny how miley's best selling chart single to date is that song and she didn't even write it

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    what the x factor needs is someone who will not only be able to judge the other performers but also pick the best songs to suit their contestants which I do not think Miley would be able to the majority of miley's sales are from the hannah montana albums which little kids made their parents buy

  • mileyismylife

    oh my gosh, if they chose you to be a judge my life would be complete !

  • Ahmed Ben Ali
    Ahmed Ben Ali

    BY THE WAY ! !!!!! seems like everybody forgot what GREAT and AMAZING job Miley did while mentoring on American Idol, yep she was the show's youngest mentor ever ! so if you want an idea of how smart she is, and how amazing this would be, just youtube "Miley Cyrus mentor American Idol"

  • Ahmed Ben Ali
    Ahmed Ben Ali

    I so agree, as much as I'd love to see MileyOnTheXFactor, I know she won't agree to do it, cuz well, she has a career, that's maybe why Demi would do it, cuz well she sells 200k an album, so she'll probably make the biggest money of her life on the XFactor.

  • Ahmed Ben Ali
    Ahmed Ben Ali

    Yeah, one of the few reasons why people know who Jessie J is ---> Miley Cyrus' Party In The USA..

  • Ahmed Ben Ali
    Ahmed Ben Ali

    She's super talented ! but in 4 years she sold 1.2 millions, as I said in a comment earlier... Miley has a decent, well more then decent voice, a great one actually, plus an extremly magnetic presence on stage, a huge commercial success and constant media attention ! Miley sold 22 Millions dollars, had 3 SOLD OUT tours, a 3D movie BACK in 2008 way bfr Michael Jackson or Bieber or anybody that made 70 MILLION dollars ! and 4 No1 Movies at the box office, plus, obviously Hannah Montana... that sort of POWER and commercial success gave her fans like me who would follow her to death !

  • Ahmed Ben Ali
    Ahmed Ben Ali

    Instead acting like a 5yo, go watch Miley's LIVE performance of Can't Be Tamed that she actually performed in front of mister SIMON COWELL himself, and guess who stood up at the end up, the entire jury of Britain's got talent, and the entire audience ! why ? cuz she was singing LIVE with a massive choreography in 7inch long heels ! here's the link, watch it, and shut up for ever ! Couldn't put the link here ! go on YouTube and search for "Miley Cyrus Can't Be Tamed Britain's Got Talent"

  • Ahmed Ben Ali
    Ahmed Ben Ali

    Demi Lovato ? are you serious, have you ever heard of the X FACTOR before ? it's not just ANY singing competition, it's a show who builts PERFORMERS, with dancers, and pyro and lights... performers that will SELL ! Demi would be perfect for something boring like The Voice, but for the X Factor, Miley and Britney are PERFECT ! just take a look at Demi's sales (knowing that Miley sold 22 MILLIONS ALBUMS with an average .350 000 copies in first weeks) ! here are Demi's sales : 2008 : Don't Forget -> 500 000 copies 2009 : Here We Go Again -> 450 000 copies 2011 : Unbroken -> 250 000 That's 1.2 Millions copies, Miley basically sells in a week, what Demi sells in a year, same thing for the ratings, Hannah Montana was the highest rating EVER on a Disney tv show to THIS day, and Demi's show got cancelled in season two :D

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    maybe im just biased as i grew up listening to britney and not miley

  • Jennifer Spaulding
    Jennifer Spaulding

    Of course Miley is qualified!

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    demi would be the best choice out of all of them but like i said in my original comment thats just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their britney has also written her own lyrics

  • ashley

    question: what do record sales have to do with who's the better mentor? And why should someone who practically lip-syncs be a mentor of those who really sing?. I am sorry, Miley may have sold less records, but, she writes her own lyrics and actually sings live so I think it would be only fair to have her as a judge. Or Actually, Demi Lovato who sings and writes her own material as well better than the both of them live and this is coming from a fan of the three of them!

  • vettech15

    I first heard Hilary Duff was supposed to be a judge.. well ti was rumored way before Nicole, Paula, etc.. ever were mentioned.. so I hope they still re think about her. Miley is talented, but still a little young to be a mentor.. some people will be half her age or the same age as her...

  • asian

    well nicole had less experience than miley. she was only apart of the pussycat dolls which she was only involved for 3 years i think and apart of edens crush for barely a year. i think miley is qualified if she mentors like the teens because she got started when she was 13.

  • Anon

    Avril Lavigne definitely has the most experience and would make a great mentor, Miley is crazy popular but is still a kid and shudnt be judging anyone, and Demi is just as young and nowhere near as popular as Miley so that choice is odd. I hope he goes after Avril Lavigne.

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    would not call that a lot of experience compared to Britney spears who has sold over 100 million albums worldwide.Miley still has a long way to go

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    jessie j wrote songs for many artists before she brought out her own music,even wrote a song for miley

  • Bo

    I think this could be a perfect fit. Although she might seem a bit young as a judge.. she has tons of experience & is not afraid to speak her mind, but not in a harsh way. I think she would do a great job on helping & coaching the candidates.

  • dumas1000

    Music "talent" is not a particularly important trait when it comes to the formulation of a pop star. Video killed the ratio star 30 years ago, but apparantly somebody forgot to tell the people from shows like American Idol and the Voice. A lot of people can sing. Its everything else that distinguishes you from the masses. That so called "it factor. Stage presence. Charisma. Miley has it. Most of the ameuters who compete on these shows don't. Hence why 99 percent of them vanish. Even the ones who win, you often never really hear from them again. Nobody really cares if their pop stars can sing. It's all auto tunes generated these days anyway, and nobody's really bothered by that fact. Miley will not agree to this. Neither will Demi Lovato. Fergie, perhaps. I'd pursue Avril though. She's the one who is most likely to sign on.

  • Mohammed

    How so? Miley sold over 22 million albums, 4x platinum singles and sold out stadiums in less than 5 minutes (including the O2 3-4 nights in a row), she still holds the title of the (when she was) richest teenager ever. Idk how you could say she doesn't have enough experience.

  • Notlivera Toledo
    Notlivera Toledo

    miley has a lot more experience than other singers of the moment (Jessie J in The Voice UK) and if you sing, you just have to see the video of The Climb live for CNN Heroes so do not come and tell me that the girl has no talent ... is just my opinion

  • Oh_My_Cyrus98

    HELL YEAH. I'll be watching every single episode if they choose Miley. :)

  • hjelm

    I would LOVE to see Demi Lovato as a judge. She can RELLY sing.

  • yer

    would be so fantastic

  • Ardit

    omg i love her forever <3

  • jess

    whatever this is a bogus story. she doesnt even have any musical talent, how could she judge people on their musical ability. give me a break.

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    sounds like a terrible idea to make her a judge,a mentor would be better as she does not have enough musical experience to be able to judge other people but thats just my opinion