LBB (Little Black Bikini) Showdown: Rihanna vs. LeAnn Rimes (POLL/PHOTOS)


If there are two women capable of igniting a bikini trend, it's these two. LeAnn Rimes and Rihanna love to strut their stuff in skimpy swimsuits, and this weekend, they did it in a similar fashion.

The pop singer and country crooner both wore what we're labeling a LBB (little black bikini).  Rihanna, 24, was vacationing in Hawaii while LeAnn, 29, traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her husband Eddie Cibrian, 38, to renew their vows.

No doubt these women know how to rock teeny bikinis, but who rocked the LBB best?

Cast your vote in our poll and stand by your bikini-clad gal in the comments.

If you're still on the fence, check out Rihanna and LeAnn's best swimsuit looks below:



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  • Tyr

    Rihanna looks amazing! Don't know what you people are seeing here. This other person has nothing on her.

  • Lisa Tufts Clark
    Lisa Tufts Clark

    Wow! I wonder what you look like and 2 comments on Rihanna get a life. What's that old saying... Misery loves company!

  • monroe7

    Both are just so desperate for attention. I choose neither.

  • andrewjpflaumer

    They both look GREAT

  • pump

    well your just pathetic. dnt ruin somes comment with ur crappy opinion..

  • IPOC1

    Rihanna looks like a stray dog.Pathetic excuse for any kind of female animal

  • IPOC1

    Rihanna's looks like a tanned goat herder.Ugly as sin

  • Dave

    Rihanna's a pig. Never any kind of hot, just a pig.

  • Bob Clussman
  • Bob Clussman
    Bob Clussman

    Oh come on, let's get real, A toothpick that's been use has more meat on it than these two, using one word to descripe these 2 "

  • William Stark
    William Stark

    It's absolutely no contest... Rihanna is a sexy fine babe who looks great in a bikini (or anything else for that matter). LeAnn is fine in her own way, but she has man-hips.

  • chuck

    I was kinda hoping for a neither option......

  • Dr. Juris
    Dr. Juris

    Seriously? Neither of them look good--no muscle tone. They look skinny fat.

  • nedmorlef

    Rhianna looks fine now but, wait until she's about 35-40 and let's see if she's still rockin a bikini. I'll take LeAnn even though I think she's desperately insecure. At 35-40 she could still look the same..only a lil more insecure.

  • gross

    Seriously, no one in their right mind thinks that Leann will ignite a bikini trend. Rather than call Leann out for single white femaling Eddie's ex-wife, we get another fluffpiece? Leann looks like a teenage boy. And what is wrong with Leann's face, she looks just like Howdy Doody. Leann doesn't compare to any of her peers because while Leann is paying certain blogs to write nice things about her, her peers are doing well.

  • avs

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  • mileyismylife