Ashley Greene Shows Off Skinny Frame Leaving the Gym (PHOTOS)

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Looks like Ashley Greene has been hitting the gym -- extra hard!

The 25-year-old Twilight star was seen leaving the gym in LA on Wednesday afternoon, and we couldn't help but notice her rather skinny frame. Always an avid gym goer, AG's body has always been one of Hollywood's sexiest thanks to her toned physique.

Do you think Ash has lost a lot of weight? Or is it just the camera angle?

Above, you'll see a photo of Ashley from early last year on the left hand side, with the shot from Wednesday on the right.

See what Ashley looked like before she was famous:

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  • Ainura

    instead of counting carloies or excersicing till u drop, why not try wat i did. botanical slimming pills. they help me loose 50 pounds in 2 months. u still get to eat wat u want but the only difference is that your portions will be different. wanna know more check my video out.

  • Luzia

    she was being sarcastic, and the video is a joke ..just thoguht id let you guys know since you all think shes being legit here

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    looks to be losing weight!

  • Ginny

    Shee used to look so butiful... I hope this is just a phase & she will soon get back to normal.... I really adore her.

  • mar

    she is not attractive, sorry. she has no nose

  • Jessica

    She never had a good body, her body was gross and no curves (and without ass) but now she got more uglier. Greene looks ruined and old. She has aged a lot. Some people get better with the years and others do not. She is on drugs? I heard a rumor last year. Anyway Greene is irrelevant now.... Karma is bitch!!!

  • Betsy Padilla
  • misconceptions

    because most girls are dying to be skinny. No one tries to become fat but most don't eat to become skinny. If you're naturally thin, you're naturally thin and you should look fine like that. But if you're not naturally thin than you end up looking sick and that's why its good to let these girls know how much healthier they look with some meat in their bones. Ashley is not naturally scrawny and here she looks disgustingly skinny.

  • Musicfan

    some girls just are skinny, are you saying they can never look as good as non-skinny girls? How is that any better than body-shaming larger girls? Your statement is just as destructive, even if the beauty ideal in media right now is skinny.

  • Frank Rodriguez
    Frank Rodriguez

    she has lost so much body fat...the her breast have shrunk! she is getting to look like a skinny boy...not cool!!

  • R

    I think what you are saying is misleading - yes, girls with curves do look better - however I don't think Kate Upton and Sofia Vergara are necessarily curvy, they are just blessed with large assets. They are still very thin women.

  • Curvesarebetter

    every girl looks good with a little weight on. No girl looks good skinny. Think of the popular girls right now, Kate Upton, Sofia Vergara. They all have nice womanly bodies. aND more on the voluptuous side.

  • Emily

    What the?? She has always said that she doesn't want the body of a twelve year old boy and now she looks like this? She was soooo gorg before! Hope she gets better and this is just a phase!

  • Charlotte

    I ve read somewhere that she was loosing all this weight to please a director...

  • dotdotdot

    is she proud of looking this thin? she talks about wanting to have a women's body, but that's just nearing on too thin

  • jfodfjskfj

    most of the time you see she's leaving a gym, she needs to cut back a bit shes starting to look too skinny

  • mia9030

    She is waaaayy to skinny


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