‘The Voice’ Vlog: Charlotte Sometimes Says Controversial Contestant Tony Lucca ‘Isn’t My Favorite’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Indie singer-songwriter Charlotte Sometimes – featured on The Voice – is giving her expert commentary on the show that has everyone talking!

In this week’s exclusive video blog for Celebuzz, she’s sounding off on controversial contestant Tony Lucca — who seems to have split the audience with his vocal stylings and celebrity fanbase.

But she says it’s nothing personal!

“I really loved Tony Lucca’s energy,” she says. I thought the song was a bold choice. However, Tony isn’t my favorite contestant on the show. As a person, I adore him. As a performer, I think he’s bieng really smart about his choices, but what does that mean for his career? I’m a little confused as to what he’s trying to accomplish.”

As for Erin Willett, “I guess I’m going to be the big bitch for saying this…” she says. What are her critiques? Watch the video to find out!

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