White House ‘Crasher’ Tareq Salahi Re-Files $50m Divorce Lawsuit, Claims Ex-Wife’s Affair Cost Him ‘DWTS’ & Oprah Deal (EXCLUSIVE)

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Tareq Salahi, who gained notoriety after crashing a White House dinner, in 2009, has dropped his $50m lawsuit against estranged wife Michaele Salahi — and instead turned his focus to her lover, Journey guitarist Neal Schon, the band’s personal recording label and their publicist.

In a lawsuit re-filed in Virginia — and obtained by Celebuzz — Tareq alleged that Michaele and Neal’s 2011 affair was a calculated attempt to re-launch the struggling rock band, long-remembered for their number-one hit ‘Don’t Stop Believin.'”

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In the process, the former Real Housewives of D.C. househusband claimed in court papers, it cost him lucrative deals with media mogul Oprah Winfrey, a $300,000 gig on Dancing With the Stars and a big-screen adaptation of their life, for which the couple was to receive 40 percent of the sale.

Tareq also alleged the affair also cut off paid interviews and appearances with such outlets as the Late Show with David Letterman.

In the suit, Tareq, 42, boldly declared he and Michaele, 46, had become “instant international celebrities” and “household names” after causing a diplomatic incident by accessing President Barack Obama’s first state dinner, in November 2009.

Their “gate-crashing” embarrassed the Secret Service as the pair passing through its security screens and then posed for the cameras with the President, Vice President Joe Biden and other guests.

“This event resulted in ‘The Salahis’ partnership being offered regular paid appearances on television shows such as the CBS Late Show with David Letterman, NBC’s E! Entertainment, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, Saturday Night Live, and others,” Tareq boasted, in the lawsuit.

“The Salahis were always offered these appearances as a partnership and were usually referred to as simply ‘The Salahis,’ which became a highly recognized and valuable entertainment industry asset.”

Tareq added: “The Salahis” became a “financially prosperous enterprise.”

But when Michaele ran off into the open arms of the guitarist, in September, 2011, “these engagements were lost,” the suit said.

Tareq said “The Salahi brand has been destroyed” and it’s now “largely limited to interviews of him so the public can see how he is handling the public embarrassment, ridicule, and humiliation of him.”

Claiming the events have ruined him “physically, emotionally and financially,” Tareq said Neal pursued an “improper and illegal campaign of acquiring (‘The Salahi’) celebrity for his entertainment projects.”

The suit added: “Neal … knew ‘The Salahis’ were a popular attraction … and he calculated that if Michaele Salahi were to join him on tour by leaving ‘The Salahis,’ he and his band would have a tidal wave of publicity and this would increase ticket sales and profits for his own business … and ‘Journey.’”

He also accused Neal of using “improper means to accomplish his objection” of winning Michaele’s heart through sexual advances, including one email, dated December 25, 2009, in which Neal allegedly wrote: “Love Michaele … Its been too long … Kiss, lick and a nice stiff one 4 ya.”

Tareq also included a parting dig at the band, which was a 2005 USA Today opinion poll named the fifth-best American rock band in history, declaring: “Although ‘Journey’ was very successful in the 1980s, having sold multiple gold albums, it had not enjoyed that level of success since that time.”

Tareq is seeking $50 million in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages from Schon — and a further $50 million more from DD Entertainment LLC, his ex-publicist.

He demanded a jury trial.

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