Brandi Glanville's Ex Eddie Cibrian Won't Let Their Kids Film RHOBH Because They Were 'Teased' (EXCLUSIVE)

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Eddie Cibrian refused to allow his two children with ex-wife Brandi Glanville be filmed on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — a move that could end the brash model’s hopes of becoming a fulltime cast member.

Bravo wanted to feature Mason, 8, and 5-year old Jake as part of a key storyline detailing their mother’s long-time feud with her ex-husband, 38, who left her for country superstar LeAnn Rimes, who he has been married to for the past year. The couple renewed their vows, last week.

A source close to the production told Celebuzz that Cibrian, 38, intervened on Glanville’s plans to feature their children. He had a lawyer advise her that she needed him to agree, given the pair share joint legal custody of the children.

“Eddie had to protect the kids,” a source said. “Filming in the home is not healthy, especially at Mason and Jake’s ages.”

Indeed, as the insider pointed out, Jake was “teased and bullied” at school after he was featured during an episode last season, peeing on the lawn at co-star Adrienne Maloof’s Beverly Hills mansion.

In a tweet on Wednesday night, 39-year-old Glanville alluded to the simmering tension between her and Cibrian.

On Thursday, after it emerged she may not be a full cast member after all, replacing Camille Grammer, the mother-of-two took to Twitter again and accused the actor of leaking details to the media. She wrote:

A source close to Glanville insisted Mason and Jake would’ve had to be featured on the popular Bravo show if she was a fulltime cast member, otherwise “she wouldn’t have time to see the kids, at all.”

A credible Bravo insider told Gossip Cop that Glanville would still be a "Housewife -- with or without kids.”

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  • Jo


  • gross

    So will this site call Leann and Eddie out on their hypocrisy when Leann and Eddie release more staged photo-ops of them at the boy's soccer game this weekend? Or will this site continue to support Leann and write another fluffpiece? Please call Leann and Eddie out on their double standards. How can they be concerned about the boys being teased and bullied because of Brandi's show when they aren't even concerned about how he could be teased and bullied as a result of their public pda on the sidelines of the child soccer game while Leann is wearing sheer shirts with no bra or short shorts?

  • su

    Eddie should think about how his kids feel about him cheating on their mother and leaving her for a woman who flaunts it any time she can.

  • dai coneray
    dai coneray

    Eddie is scum! He has the kids all over the tabloids he and Leann tweet pics of the kids all the time. I love Brandi on housewives I hope this doesnt get in the way of them casting her. The fights with her and Kyle are funny as hell and her interactions with the rest of the cast. Its not ghetto jabbing fighting like Bsketball wives or RHOA its just funny as hell her middle class logic against the Beverly Hills girls. Please cast her! she brings the down to earth to the show. It was so funny when her kids peed in the yard! and she was so lax about it and Kyle blew up! too funny. I like these types of "fights" instead of that mean girl stuff. and Brandi and Lisa Vanderplump omg so funny. I miss Camille as the voice of reason against the others too. why isnt she back. smh.

  • tv case
    tv case

    I am really impressed along with your writing abilities as well as with the layout to your blog. Is that this a paid theme or did you customize it your self? Either way stay up the excellent high quality writing, it's rare to look a great blog like this one these days..

  • gross

    Didn't Leann give your site an exclusive interview about how she designed the birthday cake for Eddie's son? How many times has this site posted photos of Leann and Eddie with his kids vs photos of Brandi with her kids? Eddie is such a hypocrite. Leann tweets and blogs about his kids. She invites the paps to their soccer games and school. She gives interviews about the boys and has had exclusive interview with People mag with the boys. And yet Eddie has a problem with his kids being shown for a few minutes on RHOBH? Leann had a make out session with Liz while Eddie watched while his kids were just a few feet away, and Eddie is "concerned" about the negative aspects that RHOBH may have on the kids? Leann and Eddie expose the boys to people who stalk and harass Brandi on twitter, yet Eddie is "worried" about the impact that RHOBH will have on the boys? If Eddie was worried about his kids being teased at school, why then does he set up those ridiculous butt grabbing, laying on top of Eddie in a hammock, making out on the sidelines of his kid's soccer game with Leann? Eddie must still have feelings for Brandi and is trying to use his own kids to control her.

  • EB

    I just find it too ironic that Eddie worries about the kids being in the background of the show, yet let's his new wife stage paparazzi photo-ops with the kids, release tons of photos of the kids at his and her home, sells magazine pics of kids to People magazine, tweet photos of the kids nonstop, tweets photos of the name of the kids' school, etc. I mean, c'mon....hypocrite much? Heidi and Spencer 2.0 are worried about exposure? It's their main bread and butter! And I don't buy this about the kid being teased at school. There are kids at the school that watch Real Housewives, really?? I bet those same kids also stand in grocery lines and see magazines with the kids' stepmom's a$$ hanging out everyday - do they worry about the kids being teased for that too? Seems a bit more reasonable of a concern.