Inside Jessica Simpson’s Adorable Nursery For Baby Maxwell! (PHOTOS)

Jess' Baby Shower!
Take a peek inside Jessica Simpson's baby shower. Watch »

We told you Jessica Simpson's baby girl was going to be pampered!

The 31-year-old singer turned fashion designer gave birth to a nine pound, 13 ounce baby girl, Maxwell Drew Johnson, on May 1, and just days later, we're getting to see what kind of items are adorning her sure-to-be-adorable nursery. According to a registry on, there is a wide variety of items such as baby bjorns, baby beanies, cute burp clothes, and in true celeb fashion -- organic mittens! Though it's not 100% known if this is Jess' actual registry, (it's listed under J Johnson, her fiance Eric's last name), it sure seems like her adorable taste!

So, what are some other items on the registry -- and how much are they worth?

For the full breakdown, click through the gallery above!



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  • lvb

    She won't outgrow those close so fast, if you buy them in different sizes, everyone knows that! Just because she is so big for her young age, doesn't mean you only have to pick the sizes that will fit her now. Picking different sizes, will give her clothes to grow into over time!

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  • fatsicca

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  • Brenda Grogan
    Brenda Grogan

    Jessica's baby shower theme is awesome! Congrats Jessica and Eric on the arrival of your beautiful Maxwell! Jessica don't listen to all the haters, they just want to be you. I have always known you are as beautiful inside as you are outside, and you are a smart savy buisness lady.Your the why I watch fashion star! You looked beautiful pregnant and don't let anyone hate on your baby weight, you still looked just as beautiful! I wished I looked that good when I was expecting. God Bless you and Eric and baby Maxwell. Lots of Love and kisses.

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    that stuff is cute but Maxwell will out grow it quickly. she weighed at birth what I did at about 3 months old