'Mad Men' Vixen Christina Hendricks Turns 37! See Her Sexiest Cleavage-Baring Looks (PHOTOS)

Few people know how to flaunt their curves quite as well as the fiery redhead Christina Hendricks.

The Mad Men beauty -- who plays the super sexy Joan Holloway on the AMC show -- rarely hits the red carpet without flashing a little (okay, a lot) of cleavage for the cameras. Today, May 3, Christina turns 37, and we may say she's looking good!

While many women would kill for Christina's ample cleavage, the actress admits that it's not so easy to find fashions to fit her curves.

She told Lucky magazine this past summer:

“It’s really hard to find a bathing suit if you have breasts. You either get smooshed down or there’s no support. My husband [Geoffrey Arend] and I have sketched out designs.”
So, what's her strategy for finding the perfect, curvalicious red carpet styles? She told New York Magazine in 2010, "I've learned about tailoring. Tailoring, tailoring, tailoring. I don't think I ever walk into a store anymore and think, 'Oh I love it. I wish it fit.' I think, 'Oh I love it, let me go make it fit.'"

Despite being one of the sexiest women in Hollywood, Christina disclosed that she feels some pressure, body image wise, confessing to the publication, "Anytime someone talks constantly about your figure, you get nervous, you get really self-conscious. I was working my butt off on the show but then all anyone was talking about was my body."

Click the pics to see more of Christina's cleavage-baring style statements, and then leave her a few birthday wishes in the comments!

If you're wondering what Christina looked like before she was thrust into glitz and glamour, check out this old photo of her along with the rest of the Mad Men cast before fame:



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    Yup, this really can't be classified as cleavage. It's an ass on a chest, and it is not attractive at all. I do however really like her in the toupish/greyish dress though, it complements her well without being vulgar like the other looks

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    It looks nothing but gross!!

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