‘The Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison Splits With Wife of 18 Years

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Like many of the contestants on his show, The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison is now a single man.

On Thursday, Harrison, 40, and his wife of 18 years, Gwen Jones, announced their separation. The couple released a joint statement to People, saying, “Though we have made this incredibly difficult decision to separate, our love and mutual respect remain, and we look forward to sharing in the lives of our wonderful children.”

Although breakups on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are common, many fans were shocked at host Harrison’s divorce.

Celebuzz recently spoke with Patrick Wanis, PhD Human Behavior & Relationship Expert & Celebrity Life Coach, who told us that reality TV couples — like the ones Harrison interacts with on a daily basis — are always at risk of a separation.

“It is never good to expose your entire life. What we’re finding is a lot of these couples aren’t married very long and barely know each other and now they’re exposing themselves to the world. It hasn’t given them enough time to solidify their relationship.”

“Reality shows intensify the best and worst of each person,” he added.

Harrison and Jones did not mention a reason for their split in their statement, only saying that they have decided to break up after “after much heartfelt consideration.”

They have two children together: Joshua, 9, and Taylor, 7.

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