Get a Closer Look at Justin Bieber’s Steamy ‘Boyfriend’ Video (PHOTOS)

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Justin Bieber is letting the world knows that he’s all grown up … or at least legal. The 18-year-old heartthrob’s new video for his hit track “Boyfriend” is sure to have Beliebers losing their minds!

When he’s not showing off his sweet dance moves or riding around in expensive cars, the “Baby” singer is seen in a series of shots cuddling, kissing and romancing a Selena Gomez, 19, lookalike.

The video doesn’t disappoint, and seeing as we’re certain his fans have seen it several times, we decided to pause the video on some of the best parts. Click the pics to see more!

This video (complete with a parking lot party) may have been an homage to Justin Timberlake’s boy band N’Sync and their video “Girlfriend”.

Though Bieber claims he’s never seen the video, he does admit to MTV News that he looks up to Mr. JT and his song. “He was young, and he did it, and he was really amazing and had such amazing music,” Bieber gushed. “I can’t say that I would be upset when someone compares me to him.”

But he then added, “I just feel like my music is going a completely different route, but … hats go off to him.”

Do you think the videos are similar? Let us know, below.

As for the sexy nature of his newest music video, The Biebs explained, “I think it’s super cool. I wanted to do something a little bit more mature.”

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