Jennifer Lopez Debuts Huge Back Tattoo in 'Follow the Leader' Music Video (PHOTOS)

Jenny from the block is back!

From huge back and chest tattoos to bootylicious outfits, Jennifer Lopez's new video for "Follow the Leader" with Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Wisin & Yandel may be a blast from the past for some JLo fans.

Set in Acapulco Mexico, the video starts out with a bang, featuring Jennifer topless and texting Wisin with a message that reads: "Wanna play?"

The American Idol host revealed the sexy video via Twitter, writing:

"When I say GO When I say VIVA click see #FollowTheLeader"

As you may recall, Jennifer's 25-year-old boyfriend Casper Smart directed the video that features stunning city shots and rooftop scenes with JLo and Wisin & Yandel. Aside from the naked shots of the 42-year-old diva and the sexy outfits, the lyrics are just as racy. Jen's lyrics read:

"Baby, the way that I'm working my body, Can tell that you already like it, I make you lose your cabeza."
What do you think of JLo's music video? Is it age appropriate for this 40-something mother of two? Let us know, and click the pics for all the scene-stealing shots from the video.


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  • Kimberly Dejesus
    Kimberly Dejesus

    okay yea there is certain things not to do at certain ages, but there are no rules, if she want to fall in love again, get some tats,and jump around, so be it, why not? you can do what ever you want that makes you happy and fulfill what you want to do in life, why cant she because of age, thats wrong. she is not getting any younger why not have some fun.

  • minabambolina

    She's a pop star, not a housewife.

  • Alice Hoffman
    Alice Hoffman

    Why do Beyonce fans hate JLO so much? I don't get it.I am a REAL Jennifer Lopez fan!!! ! And I once met her at a concert! :) i scoored tickets at It was ah-mazing! she is great at everything she does!!!

  • Maiya McDuffie
    Maiya McDuffie

    the tattoos go with the theme of the video, and clearly they're fake. and she's not even old what is she supposed to do go sit in a rocking people are sooo stupid

  • Rustie Kuntsz
    Rustie Kuntsz

    From class to trash in 60 seconds.

  • Elena Osorio Torres
    Elena Osorio Torres

    Of course, you all know these are not real....right?

  • Elena Osorio Torres
    Elena Osorio Torres

    Ok, now she is really out of control definitely for a 40 year old woman! Those tattoos are ridiculous, the running all around and doing trapeze acts (which of course are a body double!) is also ridiculous. However, love Wisin' & Yandel and am very surprised that they would do a video like this, so low class! I think she is all over the map these days and needs to chill and be a "real woman", not a wanna be 20 year old! I guess that's why she left Marc because he wanted her to be a Woman! And I wonder what made Enrique join in on this "circus concert tour", because he certainly doesn't look happy in the pictures!

  • yikes

    Please tell me those tattoos aren't real....

  • tired pat
    tired pat

    stupid old lady dreaming.Before these tats I thought she was good.cher wnet that route already and is having them removed,,

  • dai coneray
    dai coneray

    if i looked like her id be doing everything naked


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