Kristen Stewart: I Was 'Nervous & Intimidated' to Work With Charlize Theron in SWATH!

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Kristen Stewart covers Tu Magazine and discusses her new film Snow White and the Huntsman.

"Charlize was one of the most important reason of doing this project,' Stewart, 22, told reporters adding that she was "nervous and intimidated" by Theron, 36. "I think she is great in everything she does and I respect her a lot as a woman."

So did Charlize live up to the hype?

Said Stewart:

When I met her I was like “Oh, wow! You’re crazy!” She is very fast paced, fun ,and attracts a lot of attention. She walked into a room and you had no option but to look at her. Charlize exceeded all of my expectations.
Kristen started filming SWATH after Twilight, and she also touched on the "haters" that come with the big franchise.

"It is very strange to me and I become very nervous when I have to talk about my movies," says Stewart adding she hates it when people think she doesn't care.  "If they hate me because of that, I would love to prove them wrong. And if they hate me for other reasons, I don’t care because I am happy doing what I do."

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  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    Glad to hear it Kristen---and that is why people do hate, because you fearlessly live you life.

  • mileyismylife

    she is actual perfection!

  • Cristina Kozain
    Cristina Kozain


  • hiphopp231

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  • Cristina Kozain
    Cristina Kozain

    I love Kristen is a talented actress and very humble ......... she deserves everything good that happens in your life, beautiful and generous .... good luck!