Robert Pattinson Gets Rejected in Bizarre Clip From ‘Cosmopolis’ (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson: Sexiest Looks
The British hottie sure knows how to work it!
You’d think a handsome guy like Robert Pattinson would be able to get any girl he wants. Well, apparently that’s not the case in his new movie Cosmopolis, as evident by this new clip, in which he fails to convince his wife to go with him to a hotel and do, um, something.

The bizarre clip — the first we’ve seen since the equally bizarre trailer — is quintessential David Cronenberg, and features a lot of stylistic dialogue, camera work and dead rats. Basically, it’s a big departure from his work in The Twilight Saga, and a sign that perhaps RPattz is ready to take on a role that’s a bit more challenging.

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In the film, based on the novel by Don DeLillo, Robert plays Eric Packer, a young billionaire who blows through his fortune in a 24-hour binge, all while trying to get a haircut. Featured in the film — and this clip — is Sarah Gadon, who plays RPattz’s wife, a distant blonde who apparently prefers bookstores to flings in a hotel.

Well, at least Robert still has Kristen Stewart!

Cosmopolis, which is set to premiere at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival this month, hits select theaters later this year.

Cronenberg not your thing? Well, you could always check out this other RPattz clip, courtesy of Entertainment Tonight, in which fans can get another sneak peek at his new movie Bel Ami, in theaters June 8 and available OnDemand today!

Everybody wins!

Check out the clip above, then tell us: Will you be seeing Cosmopolis in theaters, or do you prefer RPattz as a vampire?