‘Big Rich Texas’ Star Spills About ‘RHOBH’ Cast: Who Let Fame Get to Their Head? (EXCLUSIVE)

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If anyone knows drama, it’s Dr. Bon Blossman. Whether she’s at home or at the country club, The Big Rich Texas star has had every waking moments captured by cameras during the Style Network series’ last two seasons. Now, Blossman is turning the tables and giving her two cents on what she thinks of reality TV mom like herself.

Celebuzz recently caught up with Bonnie, who’s also the author of From GED to PhD, where she spilled about the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

What’s her opinion on famous housewives like Kyle Richards, Brandi Glanville, and Taylor Armstrong? Read on for her rundown of the cast!

Kyle Richards: As far as Kyle letting the fame go to her head — she will regret that in no time. When the cameras go away, [she’ll] be left standing alone.

Taylor Armstrong: Taylor’s drunken blitz at the four year old’s birthday party was an obvious mistake on her part. It’s common for adults to have a side party at a young child’s birthday, but not to get wasted. However, it happens. Whit [Whatley] and I didn’t mean to get wasted at our country club’s gala on camera, but we did, and we learned from our mistake and moved on, becoming better people because of it. We shouldn’t be so judgmental about it — we are all human.  In addition, with everything this poor woman has gone through lately, we should all support and not bash her and make it worse. Let’s be a more forgiving society and not kick people when they are down.

Brandi Glanville: From what I can see on Twitter, Brandi will be a housewife, and this news is old about her not having her kids on camera. From my perspective, there are always ‘stories’ going on in a reality star’s life and the kids are not necessary to make a good show. It’s an added plus, however, to see how a mother and child interact, but let’s get real — the real drama happens between the adults.

Lisa Vanderpump: Lisa should have her own show if the ratings, her fan base, and the executives think she should have a show. Nobody should ever be jealous or have bad blood because of another’s success. I would be so thrilled if one of my cast members got a spin off — even if it were somebody I didn’t care for — as it is another point for the females.  However, if it is true that she is acting like a diva about it, there’s no sense in that. You should be humble about rewards in life. Karma will answer to that if that is true.

Former RHOBH star Camille Grammer: Camille should definitely return as a full time cast member! She adds a lot to the show and if there’s good chemistry there between the other ladies — by all means — let’s promote positive television programs!

Be sure to also check Bon out on Big Rich Texas this Sunday, May 6th on the Style Network.