Kristen Stewart Opens Up About Horse Riding Injury On ‘Jay Leno’ (VIDEO)

Kristen's SWATH Journey
Why Stewart is perfect to play Snow White
Kristen Stewart may play a badass princess in the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman, but the actress says she’s not really as tough as her onscreen persona in real life.

During her latest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the 22-year-old opened up about the injuries she sustained on set. K-Stew, who had previously hurt herself horseback-riding at the age of 9, told the talk show that she was nervous about getting back onto the saddle again.

“I wanted this so much and I did this thing that you ignore those little voices in your head when you’re like, ‘You don’t have to ride a horse dude, what are you thinking?'”

She added about the horses, “I don’t want to kick it in the ass, and say faster … it’s not my thing.”

Instead, the Breaking Dawn admitted that she prefers to feed them apples! How cute!

Check out the rest of Kristen’s interview in the video above.