Miley Cyrus Bares Midriff During Day Out at Disneyland (PHOTOS)

Kelly O Talks Miley
Kelly Osbourne says Miley Cyrus is so "well rounded." Watch »

Miley Cyrus is heading back to her old stomping ground!

The former Hannah Montana star was spotted catching up with friends at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, Calif. on Friday. Sporting belly-baring tee and colored jeans, the 19-year-old was all smiles as she hopped from ride to ride, including the amusement park's famous California Screamin' roller coaster.

But going back to Disneyland isn't all that's new in Miley's life!

The "Party In the USA" crooner was also seen with a new 'do as she walked around the park. Earlier this week, Miley tweeted about getting her hair done with her new adopted puppy, Happy. She wrote:

Find out more about their spa day below!

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  • michelle

    WHO CARES I GO OUT WITH NO BRA. CAN'T THEY FIND SOMETHING WORTH TALKING ABOUT.LIKE OUR NATION GOING OUT OF CONTROL,PEOPLE LOSEING THERE,JOB'S WE NEED OR OUR PEOPLE TO COME TOGETHER AND MAKE A STAND.WHO Cares about the rich and famous.lets talk more about our poor people, forcloser on homes,and health care dog eat dog world what a shame. why worry about celebrits.we make them rich while usa suffers

  • Djamel

    lol, thanks .i loved her back then. Now im not a fan, not sainyg i hate her cuz shes still so young but now i dont resive the same vibe from her.

  • Maggie

    You do AMAZING work!!LOVE all of them!Although, I think you might have made Kaitlyn look a little too grown up, or wait is she relaly growing up?

  • Pakde

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  • Caroline

    Hi Dan, I remember this, would be rlealy interesting to know the feedback from the school re Miley Cyrus. You can of course see the point re the awareness month this seems to be a concern for so many similar initiatives, same as concerns over whether donating to charity in one big event (Comic relief say) means people are less liley to support projects throughout the year. On the subject of school work, my girls were asked the other week: Who is God? one replied a kind old man who lives in heaven and the other He doesn't exist, it's a myth, I'm a scientist. Not rlealy sure how that difference of opinion has occured but sort of pleased it has (even if I like to agree with the 1st sentiment!)

  • jbd59

    glad she did.

  • Ashley

    you guys are pathetic. if you don't like what you see, then don't look at it! "Miley Cyrus flaunts midiff at disneyland" Big freaking whoop! Miley is a human being! look at the girls who flaunt their breasts at parties and get encouraged for it. You all are haters of miley and it's sad you all have something to cut her down to size on. three words ladies and gents: GET. A. LIFE.

  • Daisy

    Hillbillies can only be sexual when it comes to swimming in the swamp. Swamp vixen, perhaps?

  • Ury

    Forgot your bra, mate?

  • dave

    vixen in the making :)

  • pump

    are u screwed? her tum is as flat as a tack, she's only 19 and wont be having any kids anytime soon, so SHUT UR MOUTH MATE!

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  • Wendy

    I'm the cast member making the derp face in the background. Win.

  • lexi

    why does she have to wear a bar,she 19 and loves her boobs, come you think the little kids are looking, no they are running around playing and going crazy and she looks amazing

  • SexyGirlsUnited

    It looks like she's holding that guys hand lol

  • SexyGirlsUnited

    If you got it then flaunt it. Go Miley!!

  • Girlygirl

    I dress what prudes or judgmental people might say is slutty but I don't consider myself slutty, I see myself as a girl or women who just likes to dress and look pretty and I don't see anything wrong with. I am a female and girls like to look good, that's what makes you a girl. I have very high standards. I've only had one boyfriend my whole life and I am 25. I wont have kids unless I am married and when I do get married it will be forever. No divorce or a bunch of marriages no kids with no daddy. I was raised by my mom and dad who have been married for 36 years. I have an older brother and sister and they also got married before having kids. What I am is that its okay for girls to wear revealing clothes, it doesn't mean that she's a hoe. Its fun dressing up and showing your femininity. I don't understand why society likes to criticize girls and what they wear. Do they want us all to be covered from head to toe but yet still do slutty things with everyone on the downlow? I have nothing to hide so therefore I am no ashamed of how I dress. I am comfortable with what I wear and I would feel uncomfortable and ashamed of my body if I was all covered up. Just because a girl wear revealing clothes doesn't mean she's a slut. I've always dressed like this and I was never taught to feel ashamed of my body. Even through out highschool I dressed in revealing clothes and I was a virgin through out highschool. My best friend who is gorgeous had a bunch of sexy pictures of herself online and people made rumors about her in school and my friend married a virgin. My point is >>>Don't judge a book by its cover<<<

  • Brooks Elliott
    Brooks Elliott

    if ya don't like it, don't look at her

  • mileyismylife


  • Jasmine

    Or maybe she just wants to be comfortable.

  • tin2x

    shes happy! with her life so haters gonna hates ahaha! !! love u miley

  • KB

    with boobs like those she doesn't really need to wear one!! She might as well show off this body now, cos 10 years from now, everything will be facing south!!

  • hope


  • ANON

    Is that a baby bump?!

  • nik

    wonder if she had to wait in line like the rest of us schlubs.

  • Sea

    I see people going braless all over. annoying? yes. uncommon and shocking? heck no. MIdriff tops are a complaint now?? go look at basic fashion from the 90s and 80s I'm positive the writers of these articles were wearing micro minis and micro midriff tops back then.

  • Catherine Castro
    Catherine Castro

    Agreed :S

  • Jen

    Whatevs, I wish like hell I could get away with not wearing a bra. But haters gonna hate.

  • Eug

    I was just at Disney and a high percentage of the girls there dressed way sluttier than that. Butt cheeks out, whole nine yards. They should stop giving her crap.

  • andrea


  • name

    braless? just seeking attention

  • Kas

    I'm sick of hearing about how she "bares her midriff" everywhere.

  • name