Jay-Z: Blue Ivy Will Be The ‘Worst, Spoiled Little Kid Ever’

Blue Ivy's Baby Pics
Beyonce and Jay-Z debut photos of their daughter!
As if having a mom like Beyonce wasn’t good enough, baby Blue Ivy will be lavished with gifts and affections, according to proud papa Jay-Z. During an interview on Oprah’s Master Class: Special Edition, the 42-year-old rapper predicted that he’ll most likely shower his baby girl with whatever she desires.

“I imagine I’ll take things I learned from my mom and things I’ve learned from raising my nephews and apply that,” said the hip hop mogul. “Then at the end of the day, I just know I’ll probably have the worst, spoiled little kid ever.”

However, Hova has a few concerns when it comes to Blue becoming a teen.

“Everyone imagines they’ll be a great dad until their [kids are] teenagers,” he explained. “[They say], ‘Get away from me, Dad. You’re embarrassing me.'”

Well, we all know Jay’s already a doting daddy! Just days after his daughter’s birth, he released a new track titled “Glory feat. B.I.C.” for his newborn, rapping, “The most amazing feeling I feel/words can’t describe what I’m feeling for real/Baby I’ll paint the sky blue/my greatest creation was you.”

Oprah’s Master Class: Special Edition airs on Sunday, May 6 at 10 PM on OWN. Check out a sneak peek of the episode below.