Can Roshon Fegan Take It All on Dancing with the Stars? Celebuzz Q&A!

In a one-on-one with Celebuzz, Roshon Fegan reveals the hardest part about being on Dancing with the Stars, and his secret plans to advance to the finish!

Can Roshon take it all on DWTS? There are only a few weeks left in the competition, leading him closer and closer to that coveted Mirror Ball Trophy!

The Shake It Up star says he’s got some surprises up his sleeve:

How are the dances on DWTS different and/or similar to SIU?
The dances are completely different! Ballroom dancing is not like any other dancing!

What has been the hardest dance so far on DWTS?
The hardest dance so far, I think would be the Rhumba because it is so slow and you have to constantly move every muscle in your body!

Any injuries?
I have no injuries, but I am very sore from rehearsing all the time!

Which couple has been the most shocking elimination to you?
I think me being put in the dance duel with Jaleel White was a very shocking moment! I didn’t expect that we would end up in that situation! It was sad to see him go but someone had to.

What are elimination nights like? What is going through your head?
On elimination nights, I really hope it’s not me going! There is a lot of tension in the air but I still remain calm and let happen what’s supposed to happen.

What would be your dream song to dance to?
I can’t tell you it’s a secret for the freestyle round!