'Celebrity Apprentice' Star Dayana Mendoza Calls Out Lisa Lampanelli: She's a Hypocrite (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW)

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This season of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice might be nearing an end -- with Aresenio Hall, Aubrey O'Day and Clay Aiken in the final three -- but off the screen, the drama is far from over!

One of the more vicious feuds is between the Queen of Mean Lisa Lampanelli, 50, and former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza, 26. In addition to being on the receiving end of a series of brutal tongue-lashings from Lisa in the boardroom, Dayana was also subjected to an ethnic slur when the irreverent comedienne was interviewed on radio last week.

Now, sitting down with Celebuzz for an exclusive video interview, the Venezuelan supermodel responds to being this season's punching bag and answers the big question: does she think Lisa was hypocritical, given she was playing for a charity that's endured its fair share of harassment: the Gay Men's Health Crisis.

Watch our video above and click after the jump to read Dayana's response.

"It was funny to see her yelling at Aresenio Hall because he called Aubrey O'Day a word, then she called me the same word four times in one episode. I think she changes her mood so drastically, I don't think she realizes. She represents the gay men's health crisis, and she acts the way she acts, bullying, and offending. In the same tone, Aubrey represents, as well, an anti-bullying organization and she's been one of the contestants in the show that doesn't seem like she's really representing the charity that she's working for."
Hall and O'Day had their own spat, when he called her a "slut."

Of that confrontation, Dayana told us:

"On the show I just had a difficult time seeing him with the same respect that I had for him going into the situation. But I think everything in life comes full circle and I hope that that relationship can as well. It was a really strong attack out of nowhere, kind of surprising. It also had nothing to do with the competition. If you see for the most part, everybody takes jabs at each other, everyone has lost their cool, and everyone displays highs and lows through the competition and season of The Apprentice. But I think that was a moment that, I don’t know, was wrapped up with other intentions that had nothing to do with the show."

For more, check out the interview above!


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  • GS

    You're the typical racist jerk who probably never learned a second language, let alone three. If you can't count that high, three comes after two.

  • Susan

    Lisa stop calling yourself "D." You aren't fooling anyone. Dayana you are great, and you will have a successful career.

  • Fan

    You have gained admiration and respect from lots of people. Contestants on that show proved to just dirty mouth low class wannabes. Good for you.

  • D.

    Dumb A$$ chic! Speak better english and we would have better respect for U! Go back to ur F'n country!

  • Blak Guy
    Blak Guy

    I can't believe people even watch that show after trump's racist innuendos towards the president. I never did like the jerk.

  • Lao Tse
    Lao Tse

    Dayana is the most amazing person to go so far on that "show". She is beautiful both inside and out and always carried herself with the most dignity and integrity. Most celebs don't fair too well when the cameras reveal them in their true light. Dayana Mendoza converted me into a fan or hers. She is the true winner and I'd love to see any of the other contestants in a foreign country expressing themselves with a second language as beautifully as she did. Nobody could hold a candle to the shining star that is Dayana Mendoza!!!