‘It Was Torture’: Johnny Depp Recalls Why He Needed Help Using the Bathroom on ‘Dark Shadows’ Set (EXCLUSIVE)

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Over the years, Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton have collaborated on a wide range of movies together — everything from Edward Scissorhands to the murder-musical Sweeney Todd.

Naturally, one would assume their working relationship is fool-proof; however, as Depp told Celebuzz while promoting their latest collaboration, Dark Shadows, the experience always has some form of — as he puts it — torture.

So, what was so bad about filming this movie?

“In every film that I’ve been lucky enough to do with Tim, there’s always some form of torture,” he quipped. “The nails were Tim’s idea.”

Depp, of course, was referring to the finger-length nails worn by his Dark Shadows character, Barnabas Collins, an 18th century playboy-turned-vampire who must learn how to adjust to life in the swinging ’70s after he’s accidentally set free from his coffin.

As one might expect, wearing said nails proved to be especially torturous in crucial moments — like, you know, when Johnny had to go to the bathroom.

“I had a troop of people who would help me go to the bathroom,” he recalled, jokingly. “They had to have treatment afterward — but they’re okay now.”

Meanwhile, Depp, 48, whose last leading role was in the 2011 film The Rum Diaries, recently appeared in a couple of music videos for none other than Beatles alum Paul McCartney, an experience he referred to as a “gas.”

“I’ve known [Paul] on-and-off over the years,” he told Celebuzz, of how he got involved in the videos. “Then I ran into him. He gave me a call and asked if I would be interested in being in it. It was a gas.”

“I had to learn sign language,” he recalled. “Instead of ‘love,’ I think I might have said, ‘murder.'”

Here’s hoping there was a fact checker on site!

Check out the music video below, featuring Oscar winner Natalie Portman, then be sure to see Dark Shadows when it hits theaters on Friday, May 11.

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