New Hollywood Feud: Brandi Glanville Makes Surrogate Slur Towards Giuliana Rancic

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Both women have feuded with LeAnn Rimes, and now they're going after each other.

While commentating on E!'s Fashion Police, Giuliana Rancic, 37, made a dig at Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, 39. When chatting about Brandi's ex-husband Eddie Cibrian renewing his vows to wife LeAnn, Giuliana quipped, "I used to totally poo-poo this relationship (Eddie and LeAnn's), and then I watched his ex-wife on the Real Housewives. She is nuts."

Brandi wasn't too happy about the E! host's dig, writing a rather mean tweet to one of her followers about Giuliana:

"It's sad cuz I've been rooting 4her through her illness. Hopefully her man doesn't leave her & give her surrogate baby to a bonus mom."
The message, which the reality star later removed from her Twitter, is referring to news that Giuliana and her husband Bill Rancic are expecting a baby through a surrogate after the host battled cancer this past year and was having trouble getting pregnant herself.

Though she deleted her first tweet about Giuliana, Brandi did add via Twitter: "What I said was honest not mean.once you become a mother u really see things differently when it comes to cheating."

The tweets didn't stop there! Brandi wrote: "Trust me I did all I could for that man. This woman doesn’t know me from adam so whatev!” She even tweeted to the E! host:

“@GiulanaRancic Its all good she doesnt know me and when you do a reality show you open urself up for judgment.”
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Whose side are you on? Let us know, below!

As mentioned, both women have feuded with LeAnn Rimes. Giuliana and the country crooner argued via Twitter after the E! host made some comments on LeAnn's super thin frame. Meanwhile, Brandi and LeAnn have argued back and forth ever since the singer got together with Brandi's ex-husband Eddie.



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    The things you are saying are far worse than the silly little comment Rancic said. So... you're far worse than her so maybe we should wish you dead from cancer?


    Watch what you say. Karma's a bitch and so are you.


    You are freaking crazy. How dare you wish someone dead over a silly comment for some E-list celebrity. As for Brandi, if their marriage was THAT perfect then Eddie wouldn't have cheated. PERIOD. So... perhaps Rancic's comments were not that far off.

  • DrM


  • Emma

    I thought this was hilarious and Kanye was right. Taylor Swift has not talent and writes the same songs over and over again.

  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen

    Team Grohl! Courtney Love is a trainwreck.

  • Markus

    Wow, like your perfect Stern. That stupid ass hair cut :/ lol, this is too funny. But seriously, llleeeaaavvvee Britney aloooooone!

  • getitright

    The world knew Rancid had hired a surrogate. If Brandi had said “when she has her baby… etc” that would look bad too, because people would think she was mocking rancid because Rancid isn’t having a baby herself. If she said “when your baby comes”, then that would look like she "ordered" a baby and was waiting on it to be posted. Seriously, put your BRAINS INTO GEAR, PEOPLE! How else could Brandi have worded it? I ask you to tell me, how could Brandi word something like that, that; wouldn't be suggesting Rancid can carry a child (which could be seen as a burn), or was awaiting a delivery of a baby? I ask you, THINK! If you know of an appropriate and sensitive way to 'word' it, then post it here. Yep, its not as easy as you thought it was, is it?

  • getitright

    So the Rancid bitch 'giggled' at someone who died of breast cancer, and the FOOLS on here are taking up for her as if she is a sweet innocent thing? Wow. Just....WOW! Rancid laughs about someone dying of BREAST CANCER. 2 years later, Rancid develops...BREAST CANCER. KARMA, ANYONE?

  • getitright

    You ignorant fool, RANCID STARTED IT! Brandi had right of reply. Besides, HOW DARE rancid suggests a woman 'deserves' it? SO Brandi used the surrogate word? Jesus! Ever think she never meant it as an insult? The world knew Rancid had hired a surrogate. If Brandi had said "when she has her baby... etc" that would look bad too, because people would think she was mocking rancid because Rancid isn't having a baby herself. If she said "when your baby comes", then that would look like she ordered it. Face it, Brandi was damned and damned because any way she worded it could be misconstrued so she referred to what we all know her surrogate. Brandi said nothing malicious but Rancid who STARTED IT by suggesting Brandi DESERVED to be cheated on, and Brandi was cheated on WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT!! So Rancid WENT THERE HERSELF! You get back what you give out. Brandi was too nice in reply. Too classy. Brandi is sweet, Rancid is a cruel evil woman-hating bitch.

  • getitright

    Thats what I don't get either, these people defending Rancid are totally fucked in the head and have no morals at all whatsoever. On the one hand we have Rancid pro-ano 'woman' who said a woman DESERVES to get cheated on. On the other, we have Brandi who merely said, I am disappointed, was rooting for her with her health and I hope her husband doesn't do the same to her. No, most normal people would see the first one, Rancid, as the person in the wrong. Most sane normal people who inhabit EARTH. Brandi was sweet and classy, and far too nice. She never did anything to Rancid. Rancid is the one thats crazy, as well as a failure of a woman.

  • getitright

    Wow, you are SUCH A HYPOCRITE, you didn't even she how you CONTRADICTED YOURSELF right there. so Rancid is allowed an opinion - but Brandi ISN'T allowed one back (if she does she is crazy?)? You are a piece of scum like Rancid. I bet you think a woman 'deserves' to be raped, too? Brandi is a sweet person, not a psychotic anorexic like Rancid. Don't forget, Rancid STARTED it. The irony is, Brandi never even said anything but NICE things about her. NOTHING Brandi said was unkind. But Rancid attacked Brandi for NO REASON AT ALL. Who is the 'crazy' one? 'People' like you DISGUST me!! Rancid is TRASH and maybe thats why she has to hire an incubator to have her child. At least Brandi carried her own!

  • getitright

    You are a moron. Rancic PROVED she is NOT a sweet person, she is a sister-stabbing female-traitorous piece of shit. Brandi is a sweet, honest and sincere person and she did not deserve to be cheated on when pregnant, and if you think Rancic saying a woman ever 'deserves' to be cheated on, YOU are immoral scum like Rancic is. Just hope her slave incubator that Rancic hired because she is too selfish and too anorexic to carry her own, doesn't decide to turn around and keep the baby she CARRIED! Just hope that Rancid slut doesn't die ala Karen Carpenter of anorexia. Scum who hire other women to carry a child for them deserve to get cancer and die. Rancic is evil SCUM for what she said to Brandi, and may her surrogate child grow to resent her. Fucken bitch.

  • getitright

    I hope you are being sarcastic, because no WOMAN would appreciate being told they deserved to be cheated on while carrying their husband's child (as brandi was) just because the other person thinks you're nuts. Rancic is a disgrace to female empowerment.

  • getitright

    Well, then I guess it takes one to know one, because Rancid is certifiable.

  • getitright

    Brandi said NOTHING WRONG! It was that Rancid creature who defamed her sisterhood by saying Brandi deserved to be cheated on, while she was PREGNANT, because she may or may not be nuts. Rancid is SCUM.

  • Kelly

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  • gross

    How did Brandi prove Guilana right when: 1) Guliana LIED. Guliana's support of Leann and Eddie had nothing to do with Brandi or RHOBH. Guliana met with Leann in October and Leann told Guliana about Brandi. Keep in mind that shortly after meeting with Guliana, Leann gave an interview where she said that she was happy that there are people out there who saw the truth. implying that she convinced Guliana that her affair with Eddie was justified. So the question is what did Leann tell Guliana about Brandi? 2) Guliana's is Leann's friend, which means that Guilana was acting as Leann's puppet. What does it say abotu Guliana that she opted to drag Brandi into this, rather just admit that she met with Leann and that Leann wasn't at all like she had thought? 3) All Brandi said was that she hopes Guilana doesn't experience what she had to go through and that she can't believe that Guliana would say what she said considering all the things she has gone through. 4) This story was fed to Celebuzz by Leann and her fans. Why is Leann's fan who has bragged on twitter about receiving texts from Eddie and personal information about Brandi via Leann herself, tweeting to someone from this site? By posting 3 different articles about this incident leaving out all 3 times that Guiliana and Leann are friends, what was the agenda?

  • Amy

    Looks like Celebuzz and G lost this one. They were trying to spin a story to make Brandi look bad but it appears that the truth tends to come out and the audience is not stupid. Celebuzz and Gulianna look really bad and idiotic because public opinion is definitely not on their side no matter how many ways you try to spin it.

  • Gina

    It doesn't matter who's song or video was better. Kanye had no right to do that.

  • Tara

    Let's look at who we are talking about: a tv host and a washed up singer, no to mention a man whose morals are as vacuous as the dimples in his cheeks. I only feel bad for the two kids and I do not think Brandi's comments were out of line. Neither Leann nor Guiliana have had their own children and until they do they need to STFU.

  • Sidney

    G is a major idiot who never knows when to shut her big mouth. I don't know why E is still keeping her with her dumb comments and snide remarks. G is old, ugly and totally fake. G you don't know what it feels like to be a mother and your stupid idiotic comments about another mother and her struggles are not appreciated or wanted. Shut up for good already. You're annoying and so is your reality show and by the way, you're on Fashion Police to comment on fashion not people's lives idiot!

  • Sidney

    totally agree with you Courtney, can't stand G. She used to be normal and now acts extremely annoying always....i hate her stupid comments and i think her reality fame has definately gone to her fat head and emaciated gross body. She should not comment on others when she should be fixing herself first. Shame on you G

  • Autumn Love
    Autumn Love

    Both comments were below the belt, but if you are going to make nasty comments about someone, you can expect them to respond in kind Guiliana. I would never say such a thing to a mother of two who has gone through such a public divorce. If you don't want people to bring up your most painful struggles, its a good idea not bring up theirs!

  • gross

    But that is just it, Guliana LIED. She claims that she became more understanding towards Leann and Eddie after watching Brandi on RHOBH. That isn't true because Guliana's fued with Leann, Leann's twitter tantrum, and her meeting with Leann was well publicized. So now Guilana comes off looking worse than what she does because there was no reason for her to drag Brandi into this. All she had to say was that Leann was her friend and that she had drinks with Leann and that was when she changed her opinions about Leann and Eddie. Thr fact that she hid that information speaks volumes. So Guliana's opinions about Brandi are based on what LEANN told her. Brandi didn't prove Guilana right, she just showed just how low Leann will stoop to ruing Brandi, even going so far as to her friends to trash talk Brandi. This looks very bad for Leann, E News, and Guilana. E News made Guilana apologize to Leann and all she said about her was that she was skinny. So why can't E News and Guliana apologize to Brandi or stop making excuses. Guliana was wrong and it's funny how this site even left out the fact that Guliana and Leann are friends.

  • gross

    If Guliana was a sweet and loving person she wouldn't have dragged Brandi into it at all, and would have just been honest and said that her opinions about Leann changed when she had the sit down with LEANN in October over drinks. Guliana lied, everyone knows that she stopped slamming Leann and Eddie after Leann through a major tantrum, so her opinion about Leann and Eddie's relationship had nothing to do with Brandi at all. No matter how you spin it, Guliana still lied.

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    G is a major idiot so this stuff doesn't surprise me I'm reminded of her snickering under her breath while announcing that screen legend Lynn Redgrave had passed away 2 years ago after batttling breast cancer for over 7 years. no wonder Lynn's beloved sister academy award winner Vanessa has never given her an interview

  • Monica

    Giuliana thinks she's the only woman that has gone through the struggles of cancer and infertility, so she uses that to say whatever she wants, well let me tell you something: you´re not the only one and calling someone ´nuts' its offensive.

  • Riley

    Brandi proved Giuliana RIGHT! Surrogate baby as a dig! So very classless and unwarranted. Giuliana's a beautiful woman who struggled with cancer and having a baby. How dare you Ms Glanville?!

  • Linda L. McCray
    Linda L. McCray

    Brandi was hurt so badly by Eddie, you have probally never loved someone that much. His lying & cheating while she believed in him made her do strange things. Be a lady Brandi, life does get better, believe me.

  • kdawn

    Seriously!!! G made a comment calling B "Crazy" and B responded with " I hope she never has to go thru what I am" and B gets called the mean one???? Are you people "Crazy"???? B is real and raw and if she wasn't she wouldn't be on RHOBH! That's what makes her fun to watch! I think she is normal for BH now as far as small town america, maybe not so much, but again that is why we tune in. G needs to retract, rephrase or something cause it's really "low" to say that considering all the facts. But, then again does she know all the facts? if not, then shut up G!

  • Ci

    All Brandi did was prove Giuliana right.

  • miles

    Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Now if Giuliana thinks this Brandi is nuts then thats ok but Brandi saying all of those things to Giuliana just to hurt her feelings and to get back at her is mean and stupid. Im not surprise Eddie left her because she crazy and Giuliana is right.

  • cece

    Giuliana is a sweet and loving person, she would not say that if she didn't think its true. This Brandi person is insensitive and insecure. I just hope cancer won't bite her in her ass.

  • noreen

    Wow, I am surprised at Giuliana for saying aything at all, I di dnot realize that she was that kind of a person, I just lost a lot of respect for her. Thought she was one of the ones who had some class, but they are all the same. I feel bad for Brandi, how does someone who was cheated on get shit on so much. Over and over again, Think about it Brandi haters, what did she do ? Another woman takes over & you all think its OK, LeeAnne Rimes is a slut, Get it !!

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    That was a low blow by Brandi, but Giuliana started it. Brandi reacted to Giuliana calling her "nuts", so they're even.

  • gross

    The real reason, Guilana said what she said about Brandi(So the question should be, What did Leann tell Guilana about Brandi over their drinks?): Giuliana Rancic on Meeting With LeAnn Rimes: We “Put This Whole Fiasco Behind Us”(October 2011) The only thing wasting away here is the rumor that LeAnn Rimes and Giuliana Rancic are at odds. “@GiulianaRancic My sweets….so amazing to talk to you over drinks. I adore you! You are beautiful and we were meant to meet for a reason ,” Rimes tweeted Tuesday night after hanging out with the E! News anchor. But it didn’t go down quite like you may have read…The ladies did not powwow at Nobu in West Hollywood, despite a RadarOnline report that they broke bread, er, sushi at the upscale eatery. Rimes was photographed there, but Rancic exclusively tells us that’s where the country singer went for dinner after their drinks date. “We actually met for drinks at a different location beforehand,” Rancic said. “I’m happy we finally got together and put this whole fiasco behind us. We had a really nice time and I hope to see her again soon.” And Rimes had nothing but glowing reviews for Rancic, despite briefly taking offense in August at a remark the Giuliana & Bill star made about Rimes being “a little thin right now.” -Source(E News)

  • Marizza Delgado
    Marizza Delgado

    Giuliana you are such a wonderful woman we love you !!!

  • gross

    Note to Celebuzz: Guilana is lying. Her impression of Brandi didn't come from watching TRHOBH. Her impression of Brandi came straight from the horses mouth, Leann Rimes herself. She even uses the same wording and phrasing that several of Leann's fans used. Did you forget that Leann and Guliana met over drinks in October of last year so that Leann could bestow her truth on Guiliana? Funny how that part was left out of your write-up. There were even tweets exchanged between Gulilana and Leann. So Guilaina was being dishonest on The Fashion Police, why didn't she just say that her impression of Leann and Eddie changed after she met Leann? Why drag Brandi into it? Look at the timing of Guliana's comment against Brandi. She took a dig at Brandi because as usual Leann is using her fans and friends to do her dirty work. The only reason Guliana doesn't poo-poo on Leann's relationship anymore is because Leann threw a big major tantrum on twitter and E News made Guliana apologize to Leann and listen to her side of the story. Perhaps E News should make Guiliana apologize to Brandi, just they did for Leann. And is the source who fed this story to Celebuzz the same one who gave the exclusive about how Leann designed Eddie's son cake and the exclusive about how Eddie doesn't want his son on RHOBH because he was teased? It's like Leann is trying very hard to ruin Brandi and it only backfires. No one is going to blame Brandi. Why? Because everyone knows that Guliana said what she said because she is Leann's friend.

  • Lirpa

    Maybe the truth hurts because, Giuliana spoke truth, that bitch is nuts!!! What I would like to know is if Kelly Osbourne is trying to look like Effie Trinket or is her sense of fashion really that horrid?!?! Doesn't she realize that she looks like an idiot?!?!

  • bev1314

    Totally stupid comments from both. Giuliana should not have went personal commenting on Brandi's failed marriage.. must have hit a nerve for Brandi to comment like that. IMO both hurtful comments

  • fatty pyj
    fatty pyj

    omg Brandi is such a psycho bitch love Giuliana cant belive brandi said that shes soo mean