Nikki Reed Reveals New Project, Says Babies on the Brain for Hubby Paul McDonald! (EXCLUSIVE)

Twilight star Nikki Reed sat down with Celebuzz for an exclusive interview in which she dished about babies, husband Paul McDonald, her forthcoming birthday and — of course — Breaking Dawn, which hits theaters in November.

“I have news for you!” an excited Nikki told us.

So what is the 23-year-old star’s big announcement?

“No, I’m not having a baby! All of Hollywood is pregnant, but I’m not!” Nikki joked.

Instead, her announcement … she turning from actress to designer, and is in the process of creating her first-ever jewelry line!

Nikki, who portrays Rosalie Hale in The Twilight Saga, revealed:

I can’t say who I’m doing it with yet, but it’s very exciting. I drew my own sketches and designed everything myself. I feel like it’s timeless. It feels very vintage. It’s inspired by a lot of the artists in my family who have done creative things. I’ve had a blast doing it! It will be out probably towards the end of the year. It’s funky, but not modern.

Now that she’s happily married to former American Idol contestant McDonald, the gorgeous actress admitted babies are on their mind.

“They are more on the brain for Paul than they are from me,” Nikki said at George Gina & Lucy’s Collection Launch Event at Fred Segel in Santa Monica, Calif. The event benefited Heal the Bay, a non-profit environmental group working to restore Santa Monica Bay.

“Paul is from the South so all of his friends are having babies. He looks at me all the time and goes ‘Should we just do this?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah maybe in a little bit.’”

Nikki and Paul have been the subject of much tabloid speculation about their family plans. Indeed, one recent report stated “Nikki looks like she’s gained about 10 lbs. and is refusing alcohol.”

Rejecting the media reports, Nikki joked that every time the gossip rags declare she’s pregnant she has to “call my in-laws and tell them, ‘I swear, I just ate lunch!’”

Nikki turns 24 on May 17 so we wanted to know what’s on her birthday agenda.

“Paul always has amazing things planned,” she said.

“Last year, every day was my birthday with Paul and I. Anywhere we would go I would be delivered cake —two weeks before my birthday, five weeks after. So I’m sure there will be cake involved!”

That’s not all from Nikki — be sure to check back in with Celebuzz on Tuesday to find out what she had to say about Breaking Dawn – Part 2 and her new neighbors: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!