Readers React: Giuliana Rancic vs. Brandi Glanville! Whose Side Are You On?

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Everybody loves a good celebrity feud! Fans are worked up over the latest -- a verbal smackdown between Giuliana Rancic and Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsstar Brandi Glanville after Rancic commented that Glanville is "nuts."

Brandi wasn’t too happy about the E! host’s dig, writing a rather mean tweet to one of her followers about Giuliana, saying, "It’s sad because I've been rooting for her through her illness. Hopefully her man doesn’t leave her and give her surrogate baby to a bonus mom."

The message, which the reality star later removed from her Twitter, is referring to news that Giuliana and her husband Bill Rancic are expecting a baby through a surrogate after the host battled cancer this past year and was having trouble getting pregnant herself.

Here's a sampling of what our readers had to say about the feud on our Facebook page:

Ravenatic Candy Neither they are both childish and need a big sammich

Robyn Sorrell Giuliana is awesome....Brandi seems vindictive and sneeky and I did not like her on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. So I'm on Giuliana's side 100%

Joanna Dott Def on Giulianas side! All she did was call her crazy and for Brandi to cone back at her by talking about her unborn child and misfortune of not being able to carry her own baby is absolutely disgusting. That bitch IS crazy!

Jan Kingery-Walker Team Rancic!!! Love G and Bill!!! if Brandi got mad then maybe just maybe what G said was the truth!!!

Heather Johnson G! Brandi is a nut case on and off camera apparently, and for her to mention that unborn child she will burn for that one! Very hurtful and childish!

Jenny Talbot Team G!!!! What Brandi said was a low blow. Just goes to show what class she has. NONE!!!!

Jenny Brinkman Always team Guliana! She should know that Brandi is crazy so I wouldn't publicly comment on her if u didn't want a reply, but Brandis remarks were rude! All that Giuliani has been through and ur gonna bring that up? How immature and crazy.

Pakreece J. Kennedy II It's a bit low to take a swipe at her unborn baby and fire shots at Juliana Rancic like that.

Brandi later seemed to retract her outrageous comments, saying:

"It's all good, she doesnt know me and when you do a reality show you open urself up for judgment."
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  • guest

    Giuliana was WRONG. super sad that she has to tear down other women, on national tv. SHAME.

  • Ivan

    What? Since when are leann and G so close? Are you their den mother?

  • Anon

    Actually I'm not. I am on Brandi's side. I just can recall Brandi saying that she didn't want to feud with Giuliana.

  • Ur mama
    Ur mama

    Um. it's mother's day this weekend I really hope LR has her bonus boys the WHOLE weekend since she is their BONUS mom!!! forget brandi because she deserves to be cheated on, right G?

  • Ur mama
    Ur mama

    Leann rimes is the best! i just love cheating hoes like Eddie too. They rock and ARE soul mates. Sorry Brandi but can't u see they deserve each other?! lol

  • Kate

    Since you don't get it. My point is it sounds like you want to drop it even though Guilana started it. My conclusion is that you must be in Guilana's camp.

  • Anon

    I'm on planet earth Katee. Don't know what your point is. Brandi is over it. She said her peace and wants to let it go. Unfortunately, Giuliana can't say one word which says a lot about her.

  • Reality check
    Reality check

    Read through the full set of comments (and ignore the posters who post several times) -- almost all are for Brandi and think Guliana was out of line. I thought Guliana had more class than that, but she shocked me by saying such a terrible thing. To most people with a decent set of morals, it's wrong to cheat no matter what the reason and wrong to make excuses for cheating.

  • alejandra

    all comments are on guliana's side how strange is that....poor brandi im on her side 100%

  • gross

    Leann Rimes is behind this, so it's not over. Why do you think that Leann had her source feed this site another story depicting Brandi in a negative light? What Brandi needs to realize is that even though Leann is claiming that she wants peace, she doesn't mean it. Because as soon as Brandi drops her guard, out come attacks by ROL, Guiliana, and now this site.

  • Katee

    What planet are you on?



  • Anon

    I don't think there is any beef between either ladies anymore. Giuliana did start it and Brandi lashed out but it seems that all has cooled off and Brandi has no ill will anymore. Both ladies have had their equal struggles and I think its getting blown up bigger than it should've been.

  • gross

    If that case why did Giuliana lie? All she had to say was that Leann was her friend, why drag Brandi into this seeing as how Guliana's change in opinion about Eddie and Leann had nothing to do with Brandi or RHOBH? Guiliana was wrong and it's more than obvious that she is Leann's puppet. It was wrong for Guiliana to use The Fashion Police as a means to help Leann's bully campaign against Brandi. What is shameful is the fact that Guliana LIED on national tv and was dishonest to her fans and viewers and rather admit her wrong she and Leann continue to play the victim by paying sites like this.To support Guiliana is to support bullying because that is what she did to Brandi.

  • MM

    Everyone in this large office thinks the Guiliana comment was disgusting and she owes Brandi an apology big time -- and we are probably a good sample of the target audience for this show. Not one of us is on GRs side on this one, even if we were previously a fan. Brandi could have responded better, but still, Guiliana started it and should not complain when she is on the receiving end.

  • Markus

    Guilana started the low blows - what an awful thing to say about cheating and breaking up a home with children. Brandi just reflected the comment back to show Guiliana how awful it was. Also, you should not make claims like that if you have not even met the person.

  • Katee

    Additionally, it is very unprofessional for Guilana to take sides and air how she feels on a high profile television show.lf she is on LeAnne's side which she definitely appears to be, keep it to yourself and not try to sway public opinion. Try to stay professional and on the high road. Extremely dissapointed in Guilana.

  • Katee

    I am a fan of both but very disappointed that Guilana would actually start the fight by saying Brandi was crazy. If Guilana was in Brandi's shoes where her husband left her and her children for a younger woman, who knows how crazy she would be. Any woman would be crazy if their husband dumped them for a celebrity and flaunted it in their faces. Sorry Guilana, you sound very biased to me and do not have both sides of the story

  • Mags

    You posters defending GR must not have watched the entire clip. GR most definitely WAS insinuating that Brandi deserved to be cheated on and that Brandi is the reason Eddie cheated in the first place. You see prior to that everybody was trashing LeAnn and Eddie ABOUT FASHION and GR began adamantly supporting LeAnn and Eddie’s RELATIONSHIP (even repeating LR “soul-mates” bs) and then took it even farther to TRANSFER THE RELATIONSHIP BLAME to Brandi with her attack on Brandi who wasn’t even the subject matter or brought-up by anyone else prior, in order TO JUSTIFY LeAnn and Eddies RELATIONSHIP! Rancic’s uncalled for attack on Brandi was and is despicable!

  • flowermingo

    giuliana is awesome

  • mariel

    Giuliana is the most sincere, real and honest person i have seen on t.v. and if she says this girl is nuts theres a pretty good chance she is. Now Brandi backfiring to Giuliana in that way is shameful and hurtful not only to Giuliana but all the men and women who is dealing with cancer and infertility. I just can't believe she said that its even unreal to me that a human being can say that to a person who has been thru a lot and i mean a lot. Go Giuliana, we support and love you all the way!!!!

  • chrissiegirl90

    I Say Team Giuliana All The Way Cant Blame The Girl For Telling The Truth And Sometimes The Truth Hurts Like A Bitch And I Guess Brandi Cant Handle The Truth!!!!! That's Why They Say Karma Is A Real Bitch And Will Get You And Bit You In The Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Claire

    I like Giuliana, but what she said was pretty low. Brandi might have over-reacted but how would you feel if a third party declared on a high-profile show that your husband was right to leave you?!

  • Tara

    It does not seem to be that GR is a happy person. She always seems insecure and stressed. Maybe that is why she and LR get along so well.

  • Tara

    wow, leann rimes really is crazy. Does she have anyone around her who can help stop the madness train? What a shame.

  • gross

    Seriously why keep depciting Guliana as the victim? This is all going to backfire and blow up both in Leann's and Guiliana's face. Giuliana is Leann's puppet, this is the real reason why she said what she did about Brandi: Giuliana Rancic on Meeting With LeAnn Rimes: We “Put This Whole Fiasco Behind Us”(October 2011) The only thing wasting away here is the rumor that LeAnn Rimes and Giuliana Rancic are at odds. “@GiulianaRancic My sweets….so amazing to talk to you over drinks. I adore you! You are beautiful and we were meant to meet for a reason ,” Rimes tweeted Tuesday night after hanging out with the E! News anchor. But it didn’t go down quite like you may have read…The ladies did not powwow at Nobu in West Hollywood, despite a RadarOnline report that they broke bread, er, sushi at the upscale eatery. Rimes was photographed there, but Rancic exclusively tells us that’s where the country singer went for dinner after their drinks date. “We actually met for drinks at a different location beforehand,” Rancic said. “I’m happy we finally got together and put this whole fiasco behind us. We had a really nice time and I hope to see her again soon.” And Rimes had nothing but glowing reviews for Rancic, despite briefly taking offense in August at a remark the Giuliana & Bill star made about Rimes being “a little thin right now.” -Source(E News)

  • gross

    Well you can tell that Celebuzz is on Leann's payroll because notice how they are still protecting Giuliana and Leann even though there was plenty of evidence to support that Guilana was wrong. So when given the chance to redeem itself for posting a false report which was fed to them by Leann and her fans, some media outlets continue to push the lie. This sire is mistaken if you think this is between Brandi and Giuliana, Guilana is LEANN's puppet. This could have all been fixed by calling Guiliana out for lying, since it's clear that her change of heart towards Leann and Eddie had nothing to do with Brandi or THROBH. Guiliana could have just said that she met Leann, why did she leave that detail out? You also forgot to mention the timing of Giuliana comments, how nice that it came right when Brandi and Eddie were having a dispute of their kids being the show. So it just appears that Leann is using Guiliana to do her dirty work. I find it odd that you took notice of this "fued" between Brandi and Leann(because let's face it we all know that Leann put Giuliana up to this, Guilana is Leann's puppet), and yet when people had documented cases of Leann encouraging her fans and staffmembers to taunt and stalk Brandi, this site had nothing to say.

  • jmw

    Giuliana all the way bro.

  • Jeannie

    Brandi, all the way!