'Teen Mom' Plastic Surgery Showdown: Jenelle Evans vs. Maci Bookout vs. Farrah Abraham (POLL)

Jenelle's Surgery
Jenelle Evans from 'Teen Mom 2' goes under the knife. Read More »

What is it about these Teen Moms going under the knife?

Following in the footsteps of Teen Mom stars Farrah Abraham and Maci BookoutTeen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans has undergone plastic surgery for a breast augmentation, and was seen showing off her new look in a bikini just days after the procedure was done.

Since all of these ladies have decided to change their bods so drastically, we want to know who YOU think looks best?

Sound off by voting in the poll!

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  • Mindie Aboutnogames Maddox
  • Amy from MN
    Amy from MN

    I think ya'll are just hatin'! I think they all look damn good! However if I had to choose I would have to say Maci looks the best! Cheers to red heads!

  • Conspirarcy Man
    Conspirarcy Man

    You are saying this in a section of comments to an article that asks whose fake breasts look the best?

  • Emmica

    Wrong. When they decided to be irresponsible, get pregnant at 16, and then put their life on tv, they basically gave everyone in America the right to judge them. You don't get to be on national tv for doing something irresponsible and then say no one can judge you. They know what's being aired about them. They agree to let it happen. They use their lives as a form of entertainment for America. That's their choice. They gave everyone the right and reason to judge them. ESPECIALLY when they complain soooo much about money and bills on the show and then go out and get boob jobs. People's judgments may not be accurate at all. These girls could be the sweetest people ever. But the fact that they put their lives AND their kids' lives out there as a show and a form of entertainment means that viewers have the right to judge them. Even if MTV chooses to produce only their worst moments, they agreed with it so they have to take the backlash.

  • Jenn

    Ok, I understand that the boobs are a BIG difference. And I don't really care for Jannelle becuse her attitude sucks...BUT- the caption says this is just DAYS after the surgery. It can take up to a year to see the actual size of the new boobs because of swelling and healing. So no, boobs don't start at the collar bone, but at least use some common sense if your gonna hate on someone. Otherwise you just end up looking stupid.

  • Karlea

    Agreed with Heather. Why do people have to judge people by what they see on TV? If we did that, a lot of Celebrities would be very disliked. Unless You have met them, Stop Judging, Thanks..

  • Ashley Howard
    Ashley Howard

    umm......i really loved watching the show.....seasons 1&2......and just like the nice Heather said up above, nobody has the right to judge these young ladies........but me......honestly, i could identify with each one of them in a different way. whether it had to do with family issues, relationship, friendship.......whatever, i could see similarities. anyway, dont judge people......cause ur prolly just jealous that ur boobs dont look that dang good! haha.

  • An

    New boobs or not, Jenelle still looks like white trash.... Now she just looks like slightly more desperate white trash.

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  • Info Apa Adanya
    Info Apa Adanya

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  • 642

    I don't really care what any of them do, but like, it's bad enough that we even have these "who looks best" wars... are we seriously having a "who looks better with plastic surgery" poll here? wtf is wrong with people?

  • Heather Weather
    Heather Weather

    Jealousy is such an ugly thing. I hardly ever watch Teen Mom, but ive seen enough to know that MTV just shows the bad, and hardly any good. Not close to enough to show what kind of people they really are, in real life. There is no possible way to come to those accusations, well really they are judgments. Which is also an ugly trait. The fact that this question was even asked just shows what kind of morals we have now a days. America is jacked. And you my dear have no place to place those kind of judgments, none of you do. While some of those things are true, you have still NOT been in their shoes, or know them personally. Until then, show some humanity and quit gossiping like a bunch of little bitchy high school girls. :)

  • Kelsey Fulton
    Kelsey Fulton

    the even sadder thing the governments money is probably what paid for them anyways lol

  • Kelsey Fulton
    Kelsey Fulton

    soo true!...It's plain sad to even have to get fake boobs...farrah an maci dont even look like they got anything done

  • Kelsey Fulton
    Kelsey Fulton

    because they like being trashy lol

  • Kelsey Fulton
    Kelsey Fulton

    I'm sorry but isn't this probably how they got knocked up at 16 in the 1st place....Jenelle only cares about men,Maci is pure white trash..and Farrah well we all know what she is lol

  • Bree Paul
    Bree Paul

    Janelle and Farrah's swimsuits don't even look like swimsuits. They look like lingerie... What's that about?

  • Sarah Flandro
    Sarah Flandro

    Farrah has the nicest body but I think her boobs look the worst. They are WAY too far apart. I think Macy's look the best and Jenelle's look pretty good too (even though they are still high up because she just got them done). They look a lot more natural than Farrah's. It was a dumb idea for Jenelle to be out and not supporting her new boobs the day after surgery though.

  • Tabby

    I think it's obvious that farrah has the nicest body. but honestly, who cares what they do with their bodies and their boobs? why are peoples so judgmental about someone you dont even know? im sure there's plenty of internal flaws for you to fixate on.

  • keri

    obviously jennelle's boobs have NOT had time to recover yet. all implants start out very high and tight. it takes 3 to 6 months for them to look like normal boobs. its a process of the implant dropping into the pocket the surgeon made and your muscle relaxing so its not so tight. you cant call this untill jenelle is recoverd. which she still should be in a surgical bra for another week and not in an underwire swimsuit. (most surgeons make you wear the surgical bra for 2 weeks and a sports bra for another 2 weeks.

  • jen

    I didn't think your boobs were supposed to begin at your collarbone, but what do I do. Nice hairdo, trash.