Best Dressed Men At 2012 Met Gala: Tim Tebow, Darren Criss & More! (PHOTOS)

Sure, none of the guys at Monday night's Met Gala arrived in Givenchy couture (hello, Beyonce!) -- but that doesn't mean they didn't look good, either.

From Tim Tebow to Darren Criss and Matthew Bomer, some of the best looks at the 2012 gala came from the men. (Yes, even Ryan Seacrest looked good!)

We've pulled together 10 of our favorite looks among the guys (Gary Oldman FTW!) into one hunky gallery. So, once you're done checking out Beyonce, Lea Michele and Scarlett Johansson, have a look at the Best Dressed Men at the 2012 Met Gala!

Who was your pick for the best-dressed guy? Cast your vote in the comments, below!



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  • kelly

    Darren is the best.I really love his smile and his eyes. Have you ever seen his live performance with various musical instrunments? totally awesome!!!

  • candy

    Darren is the best <3

  • Jeremy

    Well I for one am loving all the bow ties. And goodness that Darren Criss polishes up nicely, doesn't he? Then the photo after next in the gallery shows Matt Bomer, Darren's handsome Glee brother looking very nice as well. In the wise words of Liz Lemon, 'I want to go to there!'

  • Anne

    Looking gorgeous, like always. Sigh.

  • Annie

    Darren Criss looks stunning. What are they doing with him on Glee if this is what he looks like offset??!!!

  • Becky

    Never find him that attractive on Glee....they are obviously doing something wrong. GOD DAMN HE'S ATTRACTIVE.

  • WilliamsMavis

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  • rememberingsara

    Darren Criss, definitely best dressed. Very dapper.