Brandi Glanville Defends Giuliana Rancic Surrogate Diss: 'I Wasn't Right, She Wasn't Right'

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Is Brandi Glanville fueling her feud with Giuliana Rancic by attempting to squash it?

Giuliana, 37, referred to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 39, as "nuts" on the E! show Fashion Police, and ever since then, Brandi hasn't stopped tweeting about it.

At one point she wrote, only to delete later, that she hopes Giulian's man [Bill Rancic] "doesn’t leave her & give her surrogate baby to a bonus mom." This quip is in reference to news that Giuliana and her husband are expecting a baby through a surrogate after the host battled cancer this past year and was having trouble getting pregnant herself.

However, since Celebuzz broke the story of the new celebrity feud (check out other star wars in our gallery) on Monday, Brandi has been tweeting a different tune.

One message read in part: "I love everyone and I have no feud with @GiulianaRancic at all. Done and done."

Then, to another Twitter follower, Brandi -- ex-wife to actor Eddie Cibrian-- attempted to retract her surrogate comment, tweeting: "I wish her health and prosperity, I was just making the point that its hard to have another woman around my babies."

She added: "@MonicaElmore I wasn't right she wasn't right. Its done."

And yet again to another follower, she wrote:

To view the root of this feud, check out Giuliana's comments in the video below: Given the new tweets from Brandi, whose side are you on? Let us know, below.

Also check out what our readers had to say about this girl fight yesterday by clicking HERE.



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  • DrM


  • Emma

    I thought this was hilarious and Kanye was right. Taylor Swift has not talent and writes the same songs over and over again.

  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen

    Team Grohl! Courtney Love is a trainwreck.

  • Markus

    Wow, like your perfect Stern. That stupid ass hair cut :/ lol, this is too funny. But seriously, llleeeaaavvvee Britney aloooooone!

  • Kelly

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  • gross

    I notiched that except for the passive aggressive comment you made as Reality Check, you are not throwing a tantrum in the other 2 threads like you are doing here. The only difference between those threads and this one is this comment: "Did you notice how they start over and rewrite another article about the “feud” between Brandi and Leann’s puppet(aka Guiliana), when they see that 98% of the comments in their article are in favor of Brandi? They have written 3 articles now. 3 different articles and the outcome is still the same: Guiliana is wrong; Guliana was speaking on Leann’s behalf; Brandi didn’t do anyting wrong; and Guliana lied. I wonder how many articles they are going to write on Wednesday."

  • gross

    Your 2 jobs: Kissing Leann's behind and leaking negative stories about Brandi to Celebuzz? That makes how many stories now? Or are you talking about your "job" at Bravo? Here are the problems with your recent "this article has already gotten to much attention" post(s): 1) So did you make the post as RealityCheck? So now you are posing as Brandi supporters just to get back at me? Now that is some obsession and passion. So teaching and visual merchandising=harassing others. 2) I am not the only person who has posted frequently in these articles about Brandi's "feud" with Leann's puppet or the name that you have seen over and over again, and yet you are only making a big fuss about me. So your real issue with me is the fact that I drew too much attention to Leann and Guliana being friends, called Guilana Leann's puppet, pointed out that Leann and her fans are leaking stories to this site, and of course how this site posted 3 different articles about the fued. Now that you don't like how the outcome, you are screaming "move on"? Shouldn't you have been doing this before you fed this site the story? 3) You only read ONE of my posts in it's entirety? That's very odd because in the post you took the time and energy to write to me yesterday, you know because you have TWO jobs and your time is oh so limited and you are not at all passionate about this matter, that isn't what you said. Why do Leann fans take the time and energy to write posts telling others that they didn't read the posts in question? 4) Based on your first sentence, you are ONLY monitering the posts about Brandi's "feud" with Leann's puppet and the post about Brandi's "arguement" with Eddie. Why? You had no other choice but to come back and read and respond to me. How dare someone anyone draw attention to such things as Guliana being Leann's puppet. 5) I respond to everyone who disagrees with me? Where in any of these articles did anyone disagree with me? You said it yourself when you posted as Reality Check(told everyone to ignore my posts), there were very few comments in support of Guiliana. That is awfully strange because the ONLY one who has disagreed with me thus far is YOU and the Carla person(Which now means that you made the post as Carla too, well Carla did show up just a hour before you did). Funny how come YOU are the ONLY one making such a big deal? 6) You are going to put this behind you? Just like you are SO BUSY with your two jobs that you take the time and energy to write a post demanding to know why anyone would dare question the article? Just like you are so above it all, that you couldn't even go to bed because you were too worried about what I had to say? 7) So that is what this is about? You are upset because I said that Giuliana is Leann's puppet? And why would you take offense at that, to the point where you think writing "movingon" posts or posing as Brandi Supporters will fix it? Brandi might have put this behind her, but we know that Leann hasn't. Hence why someone is feeding this site the story that Brandi made negative comments about cancer victims. 8) Have you ever noticed that when Leann "fans" can't come up with anything valid, that they resort to the "...entertaining..." line? And they seriously think that this justifies why they have the right to keep posting despite the fact that they lectures others.

  • Moving on
    Moving on

    To be quite honest, I read one of your post in it's entirety...after that I couldn't help but observe that your screen name (gross) appeared over and over...AGAIN lol between my 2 jobs (teaching & visual merchandising) my time is pretty limited & I admit your passion on the subject aka Brandi Glanville is quite entertaining :-) I know I should be getting ready for bed right now but I just had to check to see if you responded & of course you you respond to everyone who doesn't agree with. Now that Giulana & Brandi have put this behind them, I'm going to follow suit as well as this article never deserved this much attention in the first place. Goodnight :-)

  • Shocked

    Woww!! I have been reading the articles and found out they have actually changed the story 3 times!! It makes me think what is really up with this website, LeeAnn and Guiliana up to??? Are they trying to manipulate fans to hate Brandi when the woman just hit back at Giuliana nasty comments about her failed marriage?? So it is wrong to defend yourself now from bullies??

  • gross

    So you are still feeding Celebuzz negative stories about Brandi? When did Brandi make a negative comment about cancer victims? If Brandi had made the negative comment about cancer victims like you claim, then that would have been included in the FIRST article that you and Leann fed to this site. You are grasping at straws. In the process you have only made Leann, Guliana, E News, and this site look bad. So since your plan has backfired now you are trying to spin it to make it look like Brandi said something negative about cancer patients, even when there is no evidence to support your claims.

  • Västkustpervot

    Brandi clearly can do nothing wrong in the eyes of her fans. Even making comments about cancer victims. Wow!

  • Kate

    I think it's pathetic that this celeb site would underestimate the audience and assume they are idiots that can't think or read for themselves. The average audience out there is more educated and informed than ever and don't think they can pull one over us.

  • Anon

    Nice try Celebuzz! The more you write about how poor Giuliana being dissed, the more you are convincing people that you are Leann's new mouthpiece. Brandi did nothing wrong. Period.

  • Gina

    It doesn't matter who's song or video was better. Kanye had no right to do that.

  • Katee

    I originally thought Guilana was a better person but actually her actions really tell what type of person she is. I am so disappointed in her whom I thought was a down to earth and good person after her recent life threatening experiences you would think it would have made her a better and compassionate person not a bully who would hurt someone she does not even know or try to understand.

  • marley

    This is such a one sided article. And I agree with the above poster why are there 3 articles written about this?? It surely can't be such a big deal that we need 3 articles in 2 days about it.

  • gross

    The better question is why do you care about the posts that I have made pointing out the major flaws in this article?Look at the time and energy you are putting into reading my long a$$ comments and then responding to them? So what you are really saying is that you are upset because I am not siding with this article, which continues to fuel Leann's agenda to the point where they start over and rewrite another article when they don't get the desired result? This story is a BIG deal because it demonstrates just how low Leann will stoop to get back at Brandi. Leann uses her fans, staffmembers, media outlets, and even her friends to target Brandi. I agree that this is getting too much attention on all of these websites, but due remember that this all started when Leann/one of her fans fed this story to this site. And now that the outcome isn't what they wanted, now they want to scream "move on"? 3 articles later, Camp Leann wants to scream "move on"?

  • Moving on
    Moving on

    @gross, how many comments are you going to post in Brandi's defense? You talk about Giulana being LeAnn's puppet but look at the amount of time you put into these long a$$ comments...which don't come off impartial at all. This story isn't really a BIG deal and it's getting way too much attention on all of these websites.

  • gross

    Did you notice how they start over and rewrite another article about the "feud" between Brandi and Leann's puppet(aka Guiliana), when they see that 98% of the comments in their article are in favor of Brandi? They have written 3 articles now. 3 different articles and the outcome is still the same: Guiliana is wrong; Guliana was speaking on Leann's behalf; Brandi didn't do anyting wrong; and Guliana lied. I wonder how many articles they are going to write on Wednesday.

  • guest

    this story has been spun so hard to make brandi look bad. you should try reporting the TRUTH and FACTS here celeb-bust.

  • olterome77

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  • Katee

    Guilana should own up to her part in the fight she started. If she is going to bully others, expect to be bullied back.

  • gross

    All Brandi said was that she hopes that Guilana doesn't experience what she did, there was nothing wrong with that comment. Considering that Giuliana lied (and E News knew that she was lying and still supported her anyway) and is friends with Leann, you have to wonder why this site would overexaggerate or blow something like this up. But what you have to remember is that Leann/her fans are in contact with this site(sorta like how they are in contact with ROL) and they turned Brandi's comment into an attack to fuel Leann's agenda. If I didn't know any better, it's almost as if Leann and her fans are trying to get Brandi kicked off of RHOBH or at least give the courts reason to not allow Brandi to have the kids on the show. What they didn't expect was the overwhelming support for Brandi, hence why they keep cranking out a negative story about Brandi every hour or so.

  • Dl Quigley
    Dl Quigley

    can someone please explain to me what was wrong with Brandi's surrogate comment??? I read it and found nothing mean about it.. it wasn't a slur, a dig, or a diss.. can people not read anymore??

  • gross

    What people find so disturbing about this article is that even when there is proof, some media outlet continue to fuel the lie: Giuliana Rancic on Meeting With LeAnn Rimes: We “Put This Whole Fiasco Behind Us”(October 2011) The only thing wasting away here is the rumor that LeAnn Rimes and Giuliana Rancic are at odds. “@GiulianaRancic My sweets….so amazing to talk to you over drinks. I adore you! You are beautiful and we were meant to meet for a reason ,” Rimes tweeted Tuesday night after hanging out with the E! News anchor. But it didn’t go down quite like you may have read…The ladies did not powwow at Nobu in West Hollywood, despite a RadarOnline report that they broke bread, er, sushi at the upscale eatery. Rimes was photographed there, but Rancic exclusively tells us that’s where the country singer went for dinner after their drinks date. “We actually met for drinks at a different location beforehand,” Rancic said. “I’m happy we finally got together and put this whole fiasco behind us. We had a really nice time and I hope to see her again soon.” And Rimes had nothing but glowing reviews for Rancic, despite briefly taking offense in August at a remark the Giuliana & Bill star made about Rimes being “a little thin right now.” -Source(E News)

  • gross

    You didn't break the story, one of Leann's fans fed you the story. Again why do you keep protecting Guiliana? The more of these stories you write in defense of Guliana the worse off you look. How come you still haven't addressed the issue that Guiliana and Leann are friends, that Guilana is Leann's puppet, and that Guilana's opinions of Leann and Eddie changed AFTER Guliana set down with Leann over drinks to discuss Leann's affair with Eddie? This is all going to blow up in Leann and Guliana's face. This was an easy fix, all you had to do was post the article from E News about Guilana's meeting with Leann, ask Guliana to apologuze for misleading her fans and the viewers, and for acting as bullying on behalf of Leann?