Brandi Glanville Threatens To Take Ex Eddie Cibrian To Court So Kids Can Film 'Housewives' (EXCLUSIVE)

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Brandi Glanville told her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian that she will go to court to ask a judge to overturn his decision to prevent their two children being filmed on Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Celebuzz has learned.

The bitter exes clashed on May 6 during their son Jake's soccer game in Los Angeles, an incident that one onlooker described as a “hostile confrontation.” You can view photos of the pair exchanging harsh words in the gallery above.

Another source, who spoke to Celebuzz on the condition of anonymity, described how they overhead Brandi, 39, tell Eddie, 38, that they were “going to have to go to court because I wants our kids on the show.”

“Brandi confronted Eddie in front of everyone and started talking so loudly about the issue,” a fellow parent said.

In a Tweet on Tuesday, Brandi acknowledged Celebuzz's exclusive report but added that the issue should be between her and her husband.

She said:

As Celebuzz first revealed, Eddie -- the husband of country singer LeAnn Rimes, 29, -- had his lawyer last week advise Brandi that he was refusing to allow Mason, 8, and 5-year old Jake to be filmed on the show. The pair share joint legal custody of the children. Eddie’s reasoning: because Jake was “teased and bullied” at school after he was featured during an episode last season, peeing on the lawn at co-star Adrienne Maloof’s Beverly Hills, Calif., mansion. “Eddie had to protect the kids,” a source told Celebuzz, last week. “Filming in the home is not healthy, especially at Mason and Jake’s ages.” What do you think? Whose side are you on: Eddie or Brandi's? Let us know, below. New feud alert: Brandi and Giuliana Rancic. Learn about it here:

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  • gross

    And you don't think that this argument could possibly have anything to do with the fact that Eddie allows Leann to invite the paps to the kid's events despite the fact that he is constantly telling Brandi that the kids can't be seen on her show? Thanks to Eddie and Leann we see the boys more than what we should. Because of Leann we know where they go to school, what they like to eat, what toys they like to play with, what they like to wear, and things that we just shouldn't know. It sounds more like Brandi is calling Eddie out on his hypocrisy. How can he tell Brandi that she can't have the kids on her show when as they are speaking now the paps, that Leann invited has taken how many photos of the kids?

  • gross

    Celebuzz says that Brandi acknowledged their exclusive report, but if you look at the tweet that they provided, that didn't happen at all. The ME person made the comment to Celebuzz and Brandi responded to ME(not Celebuzz) nor does Brandi even mention anything about the article that ME is referring to. She just states that people are entitled to their opinions. Unless of course Celebuzz is saying that ME works for them? Apparently that is what another media outlet thought as well. So where in that tweet does Brandi acknowlege this report?

  • gross

    Haven't you heard, the kids are ALREADY on a trashy reality show, it's called THE LEANN RIMES show. It airs on People mag, Celebuzz, x17, The Daiymail, Gossip Girls, Just Jared, and Leann's twitter page and blog 24/7. You are just upset because someone pointed out that Celebuzz might be being dishonest about the "arguement" between Brandi and Eddie, since they continue to be dishonest about Guiliana and Leann's friendship in the 3 articles that they have posted about the "feud". This site is telling us that Brandi and Eddie are arguing about the kids being on her reality tv show. They are making it sound like out of the blue that Brandi just went off on Eddie for no reason at all. So when pointed out that there are photos of Brandi yelling at the paps and that this photo of Brandi and Eddie "arguing" could be Brandi expressing her concern over the paps being at the game and Eddie's double standard. He won't allow the kids to be on Brandi's show, but he allows Leann to invite the paps to his kids games. You do understand how badly this looks? The paps who took the photos of them at the game are the same ones that were with Leann and Eddie while they were in Cabo, so it's not like Eddie didn't know what was going on.

  • Carla

    Gross: "any mother would be upset at her kids getting exploited" But let's put them on a trashy reality show! Great logic slick.

  • gross

    Why don't you just be honest and say that your source is LEANN RIMES or one of her fans? How many "exclusives" has this source fed to your site? Is this the same source that fed ROL the false information about how Brandi wasn't going to be a fulltime castmember on RHOBH if the kids couldn't be on the show? We know that this story came from Leann/one of Leann's fans because notice how they depict Brandi as the bad guy? In many of the photos it looks like Brandi is yelling at the paps, that Leann called. Any mother would be upset over the fact that her kids are being exploited. Why is Leann working so hard to make Brandi look at the villian? First ROL? Then Guiliana? And now this site? Guliana's dig at Brandi should make much more sense to those people who keep acting like Guiliana is the victim. Leann used Giuliana as a means to bully Brandi. If Eddie and Leann were concerned about Eddie's son being bullied, where was their concern when Leann was making out with her friend while Eddie watched when the kids were right there with them? Leann had her hand in Eddie's lap during the game, where was her concern for the child being teased then?

  • Nic

    Team Brandi all the way. The only bullies here are Eddie & LeAnn. And i'm sorry, 5 year olds (4 at the time of airing) dont get bullied. Im not buying that story one bit. Until Eddie puts the Kibosh on his new "wifes" paparazzi hiring, he can't have a say. Go Brandi!