Elizabeth Banks On Surrogate Pregnancy (EXCLUSIVE)

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Elizabeth Banks plays a mom-to-be in What to Expect When You’re Expecting but for her, becoming a mother was nothing like what she goes through in the movie.

“I didn’t carry my own baby,” Banks told Celebuzz about becoming a mom via surrogate, last year.

“I made a baby cake and I baked it in an angel’s oven. That’s one of the few pregnancy experiences that his movie does not explore. It explores lots of other ones but not gestational surrogacy, which is how I had my son, Felix.”

Even though she wasn’t pregnant herself, Banks remembered having hormonal episodes leading up to the birth of her child.

“The Thursday before my son was born, I was just driving to coffee with my husband and I literally burst into tears,” she recalled.

“I was horrified that this was the last Thursday of my life before I was going to be responsible for another human being for the rest of my life! “

Although she’s never been pregnant, Banks got a taste of the experience while working on the movie.

She and cast mates Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez were given prosthetic breasts and tummies to wear under their clothing.

“Mine had giant areolas like horrifyingly large salami slices,” laughed Banks. “I thought, ‘That’s the size of my face!'”