Mila Kunis & Dustin Hoffman: Week In Real Life Celebrity Heroes (PHOTOS)

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It pays to have Mila Kunis and Dustin Hoffman in your corner. In a day’s work, these actors saved lives.

The Black Swan star sprung into action on Monday and she wasn’t even on screen. The actress reportedly rushed to a 50-year-old man’s side who works at her home when he started having a severe seizure, “choking, coughing up blood and vomiting,” TMZ reports. He also bit through his tongue.

A source told the website that Mila, 28, helped turn the man’s head to the side while another person at the scene stuck a wallet in his mouth to prevent choking as the actress’ friend dialed 911. Mila offered to ride with the man in the ambulance to the hospital but was assured that it “wasn’t necessary.” Thanks to Mila and her friends, the man is in full recovery.

As for Hoffman…

The Sun is reporting that the Marathon Man actor, 74, attended to jogger Sam Dempster when he collapsed in London’s Hyde Park from a heart attack. “I want to say ‘Thank you’ to Dustin Hoffman. He saved my life,” Sam said in recovery. Once the paramedics got to the scene, Dustin reportedly stayed with the jogger for 15 minutes. They were able to get Sam’s heart to start working again, with the actor praising the paramedics, saying, “Great job, guys.”

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