Twilight Star Nikki Reed Says Kristen Stewart is 'Gorgeous' in 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' (EXCLUSIVE)

'Breaking Dawn 2' Trailer
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During Celebuzz's exclusive chat with Twilight star Nikki Reed, when we weren't talking about babies and her new jewelry line, we obviously had to get the scoop on Breaking Dawn- Part 2.

"I haven’t seen in any clips yet, but I will tell you Kristen [Stewart] makes the most gorgeous vampire-- it’s insane," gushed Nikki.

"She really does. When we were filming I was just looking at those red eyes -- it's fierce! The fans are going to die."

Now that filming has wrapped, has Reed been hanging with any cast members?

"This is just the honest truth — I see my costars all the time," Nikki told Celebuzz's Taryn Ryder.

"Kristen and Rob live ten minutes away, so that has been great. They're great! And Peter [Facinelli] lives five minutes away, Jackson [Rathbone] lives three minutes away. We’re all super close to each other so it has felt like we’re still working together."

In between the final Twilight films, a little movie called The Hunger Games has dominated the box office.

Did the lovely Reed, 23, check out her competition?

"I didn’t see it, but that’s because I need to read the books first!" Nikki said. "I’m coming up for air now!"

Breaking Dawn- Part 2 hits theaters November 16. The cast is expected to start promoting the new film at Comic-Con in San Diego this July.



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  • Kayla

    I agree and love everything you said.. I never believed the rumors that Kristen and Nikki hated each other... You could tell that they are friends and I didn't believe the interview with 17 magazine either because Nikki has said in many interviews that the cast is a family and that she loves all of them!! I just wanted to know how you know for sure that the interviewer twisted her words around?? I know she didn't say it I just wanted to know how you know for sure!! Because I love both of them and I love how the cast is close in real life:)

  • LOL

    Nope Its Your Mother Ady

  • Nono

    Excuse...I loved the movies and I'm not obsessed with these people. I've seen enough garbage being said about people who enjoyed them. People get a life...and fuck off. Stop ranting about celebs who care nothing about us

  • Kay

    Right on! They really are bullies. Nikki is great i love her too since 2008 she has been my favorite of them all i loveddd her in lords of dogtown and thats when i became a fan. People are so nasty it's pathetic! They need to get a life. Nikki still continues to ignore their hate and call their ass's out on twitter and i love it! Yes Nikki did stick up for Kristen i remember that (Not that Kristen deserves it cause she is a bitch) I hope Nikki never defends her again since Kristens fans are nasty bitches. Let them Rot in their own hate

  • xxxx

    I can't believe you're being so mean. Incase you didn't know, when she gave the interview saying that the cast 'wasn't that close', she didn't say it- they (interviewers) were twisting her words. So you can fuck off calling her because at the end of the day, she's an inspiration to everyone. She stuck up for Kristen when the allegations came out that she smoked pot; I doubt she'd have done that if she didn't like Kristen. Get your facts right before you start calling her because at the end of the day, it's bullying- you wouldn't like it if a load of people started saying shit about Kristen would you? No, you'd stick up for her so give me all the shit you want for writing this, I'm sticking up for Nikki and I couldn't care less what you think.

  • xxx


  • Marie

    Poor twitard sexually frustrated...

  • Ady

    Of course the whole rivalry thing is PR that's why Nikki is trying so hard to make people believe that she is still good friends with R/K duh *eyeroll*

  • xxx


  • Ady

    I wanted to ask - Is that you Nikki? Still spreading your bullshit with agenda? You naughty girl ;) Get off internet and hang out with your buddies R/K oh wait.

  • Srsly

    Lol nobody knows what happened between Nikki and Rob.I don't trust Nikki since she has proven to be a psychotic liar so I'm not going to jump on any conclusion on the basis of what she was trying to imply.Most of the Twi cast has isolated her and I'm sure there is a very good reason behind it.Even Sage Dill who was Nikki's BFF in 2009 has stopped hanging out with her lol.As far as Rob and Nikki's "closeness" is concerned,he barely acknowledged her when they were out with his friends and never bothered mentioning her in interviews.It was always Kristen this Kristen much for their "closeness" lol .Some people need to stop pretending that Nikki is the Audrey Hepburn of our generation who is hated just cause she was linked to Rob in tabloids.Girl has the personality of dog shit and comes off as a vile person.

  • skr33

    Nikki is so FOS! She's as close to the happy couple as I am! lol She lives ten minutes from Rob and Kristen so she can keep tabs on them and call all her pap friends she still on her speed dial. Anyone that attended Comic Con knows when she even walks into the room Rob doesn't approach or talk to her and Kristen gives her a quick hug and then never looks at her again. Nikki has no one to blame but herself for creating such a negative persona for herself. She lied about and backstabbed everyone, called the paps when the cast went out, and was so hateful to R/K she was forced to leave the New Moon set early. She talks about Rob and Kristen because she knows it will get her name out there. I think it's funny how she gives interviews and crazy quotes then later claims she never said it or was misquoted. I can believe it once, maybe twice but every freakin' time?! Oh puleeeease NR! lol

  • PUNK'D

    Would if this whole Robsten vs Nikki is PR? they all sitting back and laughing at these dumbasses who's making everthing out of nothing. Soon as this Twicrap is over Nikki should tweet a pic of her,Kristen and Rob yelling we fool you Bitches!!!!! Now that would be hilarious

  • LOL

    You and the Robsten lovers seem more pyschotic.I bet you have a mental breakdown if R/k split

  • AndreaChile

    I love Nikki. It is beautiful and looks very nice with that green dress. Idola.

  • kate

    You Twilight obsessives are an embarrassment to everyone everywhere. You're the same closeted, obese, unfuckable, flyover women who camp out to see these horrible movies only you're even sicker in that you pretend you hate everything about them and everyone associated with them whilst spending thousands of hours analyzing footage and photographs and print interviews of the players involved. You need serious help, to throw away your sparkling vampire dildos, to delete your suggestive photos of the barely pubescent Kristen Stewart and to get real lives. No one, except maybe that beacon of mental health

  • Mel

    I agree! I dont know if she slept with him, but i agree with you! They are such hypocrites!! They need to take a look in the mirror! Crazy fans are probably mad Rob was close with Nikki at one point. They really are the haters, they need to take their own advice!

  • Marie

    the worshipers of this pair of antisocial bums are a pain in the world .... pfff

  • Marie

    This poor girl is hated by Twihards morons stuffed full of crappy fanfics, just because centuries ago she slept with Rob, it's so pathetic and ridiculous ..




    Keep reporting on this stuff keep drawing attention to Rob Nikki and Kristen, so that way Nikki can get attcked even more on twitter! It's pretty clear that for a gossip site you write stupid articles to stir up the drama instead of writing something woth while, your no better than the other sites. Idiot!

  • xyz

    Nikki brings the hate it on herself for being nicey-nice one minute and a back-stabbing bi tch the next.. She thrives on attention-good or bad. Haven't you noticed that about her yet?

  • rk

    I don't see why she's worked up on her twitter over the fans response to what the article promised yesterday. The fans are sick of her name dropping Rob and Kristen something she does a lot of. Yes it's a surprise to see she talks about Jackson and Peter living close to her. They weren't at the end of the article yesterday. Were we meant to mind read and look into the future that this article was going to briefly speak about R/K living near her? Another thing...IS SHE BIPOLAR? Not to be insulting but at CC last year she sounded like she wasn't going to see the cast anymore. Now it's the complete opposite. And that's what she says in her Seventeen article: "We’re not all best friends, and we’re not all going to hang out together after the final movie is done.”

  • Allison

    Nail on the head Katia. NR is unbalanced and psychotic. Everyone saw how the entire cast avoided her like the plague after the Ellen Show taping in november. Jackson and Taylor probably only went to her fauxwedding because they know she is a loose cannon and don't want to get on her bad side. The girl is nutso and should be institutionalized.

  • A

    She is a shameless compulsive liar.

  • A

    Nikki is way more smart or should I say cunning than people give her credit for.She knows how to play her cards right and attract whatever lil amount of attention she can.In addition to this she loves playing victim(Check out twitter) .I've heard A LOT of nasty stuff about her crazy shenanigans back in the day but still gave her benefit of doubt cause there was no proof.But now I honestly believe most of it is true.She is one messed up chick and I hope R/K stay away from as far as possible.

  • xxx

    I wish the Robsten freaks would leave her alone.

  • katia

    Nikki has multiples personalites, and forgot one of them had said that.

  • Felicity Schoeppel
    Felicity Schoeppel

    sorry, but she was the one, who made the statement, that they are not all friends with each other and that they are not close to each other.. so how can she think, that we would believe that now?? not possible.. and we see how her ex-co-stars avoid her!! super close to each other.. PFFFF

  • katia

    "I SEE ALL MY COSTARS EVERY DAY. ROB AND KRISTEN LIVE 10 MIN AWAY, SO THAT HAS BEEN GREAT" AHH, now I understand why Rob had to do some renovations at their home in Los Feliz...they did it, so they could instal a new and better security sistem to prevent her ass to approache their home.

  • A.J.W.

    So we can conclude that the Twilight cast has its own county and live happily together?! GTFO already NR.

  • Joanna

    nikki is so pretty!

  • WilliamsMavis

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