‘The Avengers’ Called Back to Action: Part Two Official!

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Chris Evans snapped on set!
Hulk smash — the box office that is! After The Avengers decimated the competition with over $207 million opening weekend, it should be no surprise that part two is now in the works.

Studio super boss Bob Igerannounced on Tuesday that a second movie is officially on the books.

However, the team won’t be able to assemble any time soon:

Iger told The Hollywood Reporter that a third Iron Man movie and a Thor sequel are both scheduled for 2013. A follow-up to Captain America is in the works for 2014. He gave no timeline for The Avengers sequel.

Could this be a secret plot to take over the world, one movie theater at a time? Marvel certainly hopes so! The legendary comic book company leads the pack with super-themed movies, including Spider-Man and X-Men.