Ask Our Expert: Celeb Trainer Lalo Fuentes Answers YOUR Questions!

Dramatic Weight Loss
See stars who have drastically slimmed down.
Is butter a carb? Celebuzz fitness expert and celebrity trainer Lalo Fuentes, CSCS — who trains Emily VanCamp (Revenge) as well as Joseph Morgan (Klaus) from the Vampire Diaries – is here to answer your most burning diet and exercise questions!

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For a few quick tips you can use now, Lalo suggests using the warm weather to take advantage of the pool!

“Doing a combo of tricep/bicep move underwater using swimming gloves is a great way to work those arms,” he says. “In-between sets, you can combine this by putting your arms straight in front of you, palms together, doing movements from side to side under water to work your core.”

For a great overall body workout, try kickboxing. “In very few minutes, you’ll be burning tremendous amounts of calories while working on your arms, core, and building up your stamina,” Lalso says.

For that high and tight bikini butt, the ultimate exercise is simple and can be done anywhere with an incline. “Walking uphill is my number one choice for burning calories, increase stamina and get a perky butt,” he says.

  • Place the treadmill on an incline of 15 degrees and a speed of 3.0mph.
  • Practice big steps and big arm movements. The trick is to try to walk as slow as possible.
  • Use your heels for traction from the moment you step forward until the moment your foot leaves the band.
  • Stride back as far as you can and squish your butt every time your leg reaches back.
  • Keep your abs tight, so your oblique muscles are working as well.
  • Keep a rhythm with your breathing and movement.
  • Every time you practice this, keep in mind: HEEL/BUTT.
  • If you feel it on your calf muscles, you might be pushing from the tip of your toes. Don’t.