Kate Middleton Channels Angelina Jolie's Style With Sexy Slit (PHOTOS)

Looks like Britain's royalty is taking style tips from Hollywood's royals.

Kate Middleton showed up in what might be considered a risque style for the Duchess of Cambridge when she and Prince William arrived at the Claridges Hotel for the Thirty Club in London, England on Tuesday night.

While William, 29, was all tuxed-up, Kate, 30, wore a stunning cream-colored Roland Mouret gown with a slit up the side. She paired the sexy style with Jimmy Choo shoes and vintage-style Eva earrings from Beaut.

This style was reminiscent of Angelina Jolie's trademark slit style.

In fact, this dress greatly resembles that of Angie's Versace cream-colored gown she wore to the New York City premiere of The Tourist in Dec. 2010.

Check out the actress' leg-baring looks below:

What do you think of Kate's look? Is it too sexy for a royal, or is she pulling it off? Let us know, below.



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  • Kiyoko

    that the Kardashians will make several mloiiln dollars from this wedding. Royalty??? No way! Reality? Not even that!William was born royal, from a long lineage of royals. This sets him apart from the average person or celebrity. I think the couple who came closest to being a royal couple in our country were John and Jackie Kennedy, and because of their humanitarian efforts, maybe Brad and Angelina.

  • Vicvak

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  • mileyismylife

    She is so perfect! beyond jealous of her beauty.

  • gghgfh

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  • Ursula Kristin
    Ursula Kristin

    Except she didn't pop her stick out all night like she was selling it on a corner. No comparison here.

  • Passionforfashion

    She looks very feminine, elegant and sultry. A beautiful modern princess. Angelina, uhhhh, not so much. ;)

  • Tiffany Anne Maureen Pasher
    Tiffany Anne Maureen Pasher

    Hardly Angelina style just because there is a little slit up the side of her dress...