Lindsay Lohan's Lacy Look: Yay or Nay? (PHOTOS)

Lindsay Lohan goes lacy!

The 25-year-old Mean Girls actress attended A & E's Upfronts in NYC on Wednesday evening, and stepped out on the red carpet in a super short, long-sleeved mini dress. While we're loving her strappy black heels, we're still on the fence about the outfit. Seems kind of wintery for the middle of spring, right?

Don't be shy, share your thoughts on Linds' look in the poll!

Though she's had her troubles through the years, it seems as though Lindsay is on the heels of a comeback. Not only will she star as iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime movie, but she is guest starring on the Nationals episode of FOX's hit series, Glee.

Will you tune in when the ep airs on May 15? Sound off in the comments!



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  • dannzamudio

    OMG! She look soo BAD! Who can People destroy herself doing this kind of things, so sad story. NAY!

  • vane

    why all young women stars look like 40years old???????... so sad

  • vane

    she look so highhhhhhhhhhhhhh... stop using drugssss

  • vane

    somebody love cocaineeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!.. and botox

  • vane

    no neck???????? she's so gross.

  • idekwts23

    omg... she looks sooooo different!! how sad!

  • Sarah Jane Lim
    Sarah Jane Lim

    :( im so sadddd. she looks so different now:(

  • Sarah Jane Lim
    Sarah Jane Lim

    </3........parent trap, where are you?

  • not a fan
    not a fan

    what the freak is worng with her face?

  • Rcha

    Shut the door, like permanently,,,please

  • Nono

    Good lord, she looks like my grandma. Seriously! She is so young to look like this. What the heck is her PR people. Come on, I really feel bad for her

  • Laura Canales
    Laura Canales

    Went a tad crazy with the lip plumper, too.

  • Judi

    What the f*ck happened to her face!? Some badass plastic surgeon I guess

  • brenda

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  • Toni

    Lol NAY she looks absolutely ridiculous in whatever she wears now she has a mask on.. and even i can draw eyebrows on better than that.Lets name her plastic surgery.. Nose Job, Chin implant, Cheek Implants, eyebrow lift, numerous amounts of botox, lip fillers... so there we go not one part of her face is real, even her hairline looks funny. WHAT THE HELLLL HAPPENED TO HER

  • mileyismylife

    She looks so gorgeous!

  • Chantal

    I do see change and I'm liking it, may not be the same lindsay from before, sadly, but she's making progress. I gotta say though, the eyebrows are a bit too much and uncoordinated here, I love ms. lohan with her natural color, and I'm not so crazy about the lace and how it suits her body, but she looks mature and for the fact that she's going to play Ms. Taylor, well, you go girl. She's finally taking advantage of this chance and I wish her all success.

  • gghgfh

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  • Thunder

    Must concur. It looks like she got stung by a bee and had an allergic reaction.

  • Melanie Coombs
    Melanie Coombs

    She looks like hell! Wtf is going on with her face?!

  • maxi

    shee looks good

  • Anna Caroline Azevedo
    Anna Caroline Azevedo

    Went a tad crazy with the eyebrow pencil I see...