Rihanna Gets IV at Hospital After Met Gala, Source Says Singer Had 'Fever & Flu' (EXCLUSIVE)

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Rihanna doesn't keep anything from her fans, as is evident from her recent tweet that shows an IV in her arm.

The pop star reportedly went to the hospital Monday night after a night of partying and attending the Met Gala in New York City. A source for Celebuzz says the "We Found Love" singer, 24, "had a fever and flu since last week and needed an IV but is fine now!"

The singer -- whose Instagram pics can be seen in the gallery above -- reportedly (via London Daily Mail) only stayed at the hospital for a brief period before being released and flying back to Los Angeles, Calif.

So what led up to Rihanna going to the hospital?

Rihanna did have quite the night on Monday. Take a look at a few of her tweets from the evening:

What do you think? Should Rihanna slow down on the partying, or is this hospitalization more due to her "flu and fever"? Let us know, below.

See more MET Gala Fashion below:

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  • Michelle M from New Rochelle
    Michelle M from New Rochelle

    Rihanna is absolutely beautiful,sharp,smart and talented! She is also generous and never forget her roots.I love her immensely and she could do no wrong as far as I'm concerned.Chris needs to realize her worth and forget about that Karreuche nobody who is only after fame to boost her nonexistent career.Love you RiRi! Wish I could meet you.Nuff respect!

  • mileyismylife

    poor Rihanna! hope you feel better soon lovely girl <3

  • adfm

    disguting nails!

  • Grace Gonzales
    Grace Gonzales

    I don't care what she does...as long as she just goes away!!! Hate her and her singing is crap.

  • Francine Prevost
    Francine Prevost

    This had nothing to do with flu and fever this has everything to do with her lifestyle, keep partying hard as she is and she will end up in the hospital for dehydration, exhaution and everything else that comes with.

  • Gevorg Margaryan
    Gevorg Margaryan

    What's going on with you last time? You lost weight, now you are in hospital after party!! Hold on!!!

  • Mei-Yuen Joan Jett Sober
    Mei-Yuen Joan Jett Sober

    She has lost so much weight, i saw this on twitter and it didnt surprise me at all.... go back to being the curvy rihanna & not the 'i only eat a cucumber for the day' rihanna...