Andy Cohen's Spring Fling Confession: I Made Out With Lance Bass (VIDEO)


Andy Cohen lost at his own game on Thursday afternoon ... sorta.

While promoting his new book Most Talkative: Stories From the Front Lines of Pop Culture on Wendy Williams' show, he was ask to play "Plead the Fifth," a segment he created for his Bravo late night talk show, Watch What Happens Live.

First question: What celebrity would people be surprised to hear that you've made out with? Not pleading the fifth, Andy, 43, answered after a short pause, "Lance Bass."

He then had a message to the former N'Sync singer, 33, saying to camera,

"Sorry, Lance Bass." Don't trust Andy with a secret when he's playing "Plead the Fifth."

Andy didn't stop there! Wendy had two more questions for the Bravo star. Does he answer them or not? See for yourself in the video below:

Also, check out Celebuzz's recent interview with Lance: What do you think? Do Lance and Andy make a cute couple?



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  • simplydiffer

    And . . . no one cares. I must say Lance Bass is very handsome though.

  • ashley

    not cool