Chris Harrison Would ‘Lose Respect’ If He Became ‘The Bachelor,’ Says Former Contestant (EXCLUSIVE)

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After nearly 18 years of wedded bliss, The Bachelor and Bachelorette host Chris Harrison found himself unlucky in love, splitting with his wife — and leading many to wonder if he’d turn to the hit ABC reality show to find love again. The 40-year-old charmer wouldn’t have any trouble landing the gig, but one former contestant warns that it “will never work” and only attract “fame hungry” women, who will break his heart.

“He has been out of the single scene and needs to find himself again,” said Season 5 Bachelorette contestant David Good. “He has a lot of respect from fans of the show, so he’d lose that respect if he did The Bachelor. It’s like a basketball coach out of his prime coming back and trying to play with his team. Never works out.”

So who does he think can win Chris’ heart in real life?

“He needs someone a little older who has some real life experience under her belt and is obviously good with kids,” Good advised.

Harrison and Gwen Jones, who announced their split on May 3, have two children, Joshua, 9, and Taylor, 7.

“Chris is a fun guy, but I can’t see him with a 24-29 year-old-girl. Why put the kids through the mess of a young girl hungry for fame and using him for that?” he added.

While he hopes to never see Harrison star on the show, Good has another guy in mind: himself!

“The show has been good to me, and I love giving back in any way possible. Having 30 hot girls chasing me is the least I can do [for ABC],” Good joked.

Who would you rather see star on The Bachelor: Chris or David? Sound off in the comments below — and watch the video below to see what Chris had to say earlier this year about Tim Tebow becoming the next Bachelor.